DDO Ranger Build (Deepwood Stalker)

Elven Deepwood Stalker Build



[Author’s Note: My apologies to those that have patiently (or not-so-patiently) waited for this week’s post. This one was a bit more difficult than the previous build posts!

This is no introductory build. The Deepwood Stalker build is a build for players that are more advanced.

I’d like to thank Forum user Gary782 for posting this build. I used it as a basis for my own build. There is much I have changed, and you’ll find the original build here. The actual build I use can be found here.

Am I a hero? Of COURSE I am!


  1. Advanced Tactics: Good build for when you graduate from the basic builds.
  2. Multiple Roles: Support, healer, and Offense.
  3. Versatility: Whether you need to melee or range your targets, you’d good to go.
  4. SLAs: Spell Like Abilities such as Arcane Arrows, and others make archer builds viable again.
  5. Continued Performance: This build does pretty well throughout the leveling process, and even solo’s very well.
  6. Deepwood Stalker Capstone: Same benefits as from the Arcane Archer Enhancement Tree, but better!
  7. Open Alignment: Though this is really more of a flavor option, the ability to choose a Neutral alignment (as opposed to the Paladin’s Lawful Good) means you are less susceptible to alignment damage. There are other alignment options available, but survivability is always a main concern for [Sir Dies-A-Lot].
  8. Fewer Enhancement Trees: Split between three non-racial Enhancement trees, one of which only requires 8 points, which means more points where they are preferable.
  9. Evasion: At level 9, you gain the Evasion Feat, which will keep you alive when other builds fall.
  10. Self Sufficient: Like most current builds, this one is self sufficient. Heal yourself and others at will, so long as you have SP or other abilities to do so.
No, I do NOT want to buy an extended warranty!


  1. Low CON: Low CON score means fewer HP and lower Fort Saves. Some may balk at this predicament.
  2. Kite: This build is kite reliant, meaning it is best if you run backwards and shoot at your targets to keep them at bay as opposed to entering into melee. Kiters have a tendency to draw out in other players great annoyance.
  3. Button Mashing: There are many Enhancements and Feats that this build makes use of, and some may find this tedious.
  4. Low Saving Throws: Fortification (Fort) Saves can be a problem, however Death Ward and other spells/ potions may offset.
  5. High Will Save Foes: This creates a problem for this build when solo or in a Crowd Control (CC) role, however one can always swap over to pure damage.
  6. You’re a target: Seriously, mobs hate archers almost as much as healers and casters. Run away, but do not turn your back on them… and keep firing!
  7. Fleshy: Effects that do not affect races like Warforged are going to affect any flesh bound race, such as Human or Elf. These can be mitigated through Evasion, spells, potions, and well-timed trap avoidance.

Character Creation

First thing you will need to do is make the initial choices of your character, such as style of play (melee, caster, specialist), class, and path. In this instance, it would be “Specialist”, “Ranger”, and “Custom” for your choices.

Then you get to assign your abilities, but be careful! You only have 28 points as a Free to Play first time player. As you earn favor or partake in a true reincarnation you will be given more, but at this point, 28 is your limit. You should allot your points as such for the type of character we’re building:

Deepwood Stalker Abilities

Skill Points: Next you should use your skill points to boost the skills you’ll use most. Rangers get plenty of points, so spread them around! Concentration (4), Heal (4), Search (4), Jump (4), Hide (4), Move Silently (4), Balance (2), and Tumble (2) are a good starting point, and when you get Jump up to 10, you can begin placing your points elsewhere. Keep Concentration, Heal, Search, Jump, Hide, and Move Silently maxed at all times.

Feats: Every character gets a very powerful trait called a feat. Rangers get a Class Feat, which is limited to a select few options. Afterwards, Rangers only get one Feat every third level (1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, etc), however you will get free Feats at various levels. (Lvl 1 Feat: Point Blank Shot/ Class Feat: Favored Enemy: Undead).

Citifus, Deepwood Stalker

Now you have to decide on your character’s appearance. Make your own choices, or just hit randomize.

Once you enter a name and choose an alignment, you’re ready to begin your first ever experience on DDO! I should note that because DDO is an MMO, the name you want may be taken. Try different spellings until you are successful, or pick a different name.

The first thing you will have to do is a little “mini adventure” where you wake from a shipwreck and have literally nothing but the clothes on your back. Thankfully, the NPC’s you meet are willing to arm and protect you until you complete the quest (where they arm you further with an upgraded weapon). The end chest to the quest has some armor, and other useful tools for you to begin your life as an adventurer as well.

You’ll have plenty of things to do right off the bat. Meet some NPC’s, aid them in their task, break stuff(!), fight monsters (fish people), and get rewards!

Ooooo, SHINEY!

The initial quest also acts as a tutorial on the basics of how to play the game. Once completed, you come the the starter area: Korthos Island, where more adventure awaits, along with more loot, more levels, more power, and even greater challenges!

Please note it is snowing on Korthos when you get there. THERE IS A REASON FOR THIS, which you will later discover. 🙂


Early Levels

Group: Make your best effort not to Kite things around, as that will not go well with other players. Instead, your role will be that of the support character. Ranged damage, buffs, and heals will be your mainstay.

Solo: The fact that you can heal yourself means you can solo many quests without much risk, though you might want to get a melee hireling to help with battles.

How puzzling!

Late Levels

Group: Your role in groups will not change much as you level up. Ranged damage, buffs, heals, and now Crowd Control through your bow abilities.

Solo: Kite, use Paralyzing  or Terrifying Arrows, and your clickies. Use Manyshot to get out of bad situations, and enjoy evading much of what is out there. The sight of “evasion” as it rises above your head can give much satisfaction.

At All Times

Equipment: You’re going to want to focus on gear that boosts your DEX, CON, and WIS. Also anything with Sheltering of any sort, as well as Doubleshot. These things will be your core concerns, with Dodge, Search, and Spot rounding out your needs. Of course, any bow that boosts your damage or success with crowd control will be the icing on the cake!

DUDE! You do NOT stand on podiums!

Spell Use: Your spells will be comprised of buffs and healing, very few will be offensive, if any at all.

SLAs: Spell Like Abilities, or “Clickies”, won’t really be useful for a while, however when you do get them (especially Conjure Arrows), you will find them indispensable.

Group Up: The best thing a new player can do is to join a group that does not mind aiding in your assimilation into the game and community. If I may be of assistance at all, by all means contact me on Twitter: @Citiplaysddo.

The best thing about DDO is that there are plenty of builds, classes, races, and play styles for almost every type of player. Play the game how you like, learn the quests, break stuff, and don’t forget to have fun!

If you’ve made a similar build and have advice or a comment on this build, please visit the build page, and do so there.

I cannot thank you enough for taking some precious time out of your day to stop by and read my posts. If you enjoy what you’ve read, please be sure to give me a follow!



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