Deepwood Stalker Build

 The Build


This build is a variation on Gary782’s Deepwood Stalker Build, found here (Thanks to CMorrigu for posting it). I have a list at the bottom of this page that covers my adjustments.

  • Style: Specialist
  • Class: Ranger
  • Path: Custom
  • Race: Elf

Abilities (28 point):

  • Strength (STR): 8
  • Dexterity (DEX): 18
  • Constitution (CON): 12
  • Intelligence (INT): 16
  • Wisdom (WIS): 10
  • Charisma (CHA): 8

Strength (STR): This helps you hit your target, as well as adds damage to any successful strike.

Dexterity (DEX): Dexterity helps you avoid damage, raises your reflex saving throw,  and in some builds even determines how frequently you will succeed in your attacks.

Constitution (CON): This helps your health and overall survival by adding its bonus to your Hit Points (HP) at every level, as well as raises your saves related to fortitude, including saves versus death!

Intelligence (INT): Intelligence points on ANY build is a good idea. Why? Skill Points. For some spellcasters (arcane) INT is their main Ability.

Wisdom (WIS): Wisdom is relative to Will saves, and for some spellcasters (divine) it is their main ability.

Charisma (CHA): For most classes, CHA is somewhat useless. Some classes (Bard, Favored Soul), however, rely on it as their main Ability. Yet other classes (Cleric, Paladin) have class abilities that are tied to this stat.

Deepwood Stalker Abilities
Deepwood Stalker Abilities

Starting Skills:

  • Concentration 4
  • Heal 4
  • Search 4
  • Jump 4
  • Hide 4
  • Move Silently 4
  • Tumble 4
  • Balance 2
  • Bluff 2
  • Haggle 2

You will want to focus Skill Points in Concentration, Heal, Search, Jump, Hide, Move Silently, Spot, and Tumble, and make an eventual shift to Spot, Swim, UMD, and Listen later in your allocation.

Deepwood Stalker Skills
Deepwood Stalker Skills


  1. Point Blank Shot, Favored Enemy: Undead (Ranger)
  2. None
  3. Toughness
  4. None
  5. Favored Enemy (Elemental)
  6. Precision
  7. None
  8. None
  9. Improved Critical Ranged
  10. Favored Enemy (Construct)
  11. None
  12. Improved Critical Slashing
  13. None
  14. None
  15. Empower Healing Spell, Favored Enemy: Evil Outsider
  16. None
  17. None
  18. Weapon Focus: Ranged
  19. None
  20. Favored Enemy: Dragon
  21. Overwhelming Critical (Epic)
  22. None
  23. None
  24. Combat Archery (Epic)
  25. None
  26. Perfect Two Weapon Fighting (Destiny)
  27. Epic Damage Reduction (Epic)
  28. Doubleshot (Destiny)



  1. Longstrider, Jump, Tumble, Resist Energy
  2. Mass Camouflage, Snare, Cure Light Wounds, Barkskin
  3. Cure Moderate Wounds, Remove Disease, Wild Instincts, Neutralize Poison
  4. Freedom of Movement, Cure Serious Wounds, Animal Growth, Mass Longstrider
Deepwood Stalker Spells
Deepwood Stalker Spells

Enhancements (80 AP Total):

Deepwood Stalker (41 AP), Harper Agent (8 AP) Arcane Archer (31 AP)

It is unfortunate that I never saw a level by level breakdown of the enhancements, however, I prefer to start in Arcane Archer (for the arrows and Crowd Control), switch to Harper Tree, then on to Deepwood Stalker. Swap between them as points and level allow, switch when you either reach maximum points in a tree, or further investment is currently disallowed.

Deepwood Stalker Enhancements
Deepwood Stalker Enhancements

Epic Destiny (Divine Crusader):

Divine Crusader

  1. Interrogation, Purge the Wicked, Wisdom
  2. Consecration 1/2/3, Smite the Wicked
  3. Stand and Be Judged 1/2/3, Sacred Ground, Blessed Blades
  4. Crusade
  5. Heavenly Presence, Celestial Champion
  6. Strike Down

Twists of Fate:

  1. Piercing Clarity (GMoF 4)
  2. Damage Reduction (Fury 2)
  3. Rejuvenation Cocoon (Primal 1)

Build Alterations:

Due to the fact that this is a first life character, there are more alterations than usual.

Race: Switched to Elf for bonuses to bow and Intelligence.

Alignment: Switched to Neutral to avoid majority of alignment damage. Neutral takes the least, and I don’t have the gear for Lawful Good.

Abilities: Racial bonuses offset the racial CON penalty, and allow you to get the same score.

Skills: Removed Intimidate, added points to Tumble. As an archer, you really do not want Intimidate at all.

Feats: Due to First Life, Past Life Feat was changed to include Toughness, which is skipped at first level due to change in race.

Spells: Only one real change, swapped out Spike Growth for Cure Light Wounds, self healing is far more critical.

Enhancements: None

Epic Destinies: None

Tactics: This build is meant for ranged, but has the ability to two weapon melee when needed (as when a foe gets in your face). Use Arcane Archer abilities like Arrows of Fear and Arrows of Paralysis to keep mobs at bay while you whittle them down. Bosses will not succumb to these abilities, so swap to Electric Elemental Arrows (or Force Arrows for Incorporeal foes) and select whichever type of arrow is appropriate (such as Morphic, Alignment, etc).

Summary: I would like to remind you that this is NOT a beginner friendly build. I recommend saving this build until the player has more experience with DDO and quest intricacies.

As always, I invite questions, comments, and suggestions, and would appreciate them in the comment section below.