Where are they now?

Greetings, everyone!

It’s been a while since there’s been any mention of the status of my characters in DDO, so let’s some the time to do so. Some characters have made some interesting changes, some reached epics, while others still have yet to be played at all (alt-itis is a serious affliction).

Let’s hit up the characters by server.




Citira (Main)- Vanguard Paladin. Though previously run once a week, Citira’s not been logged in much of late due to a mismatch of schedules on the server. Never-the-less, she’s somehow made it to level 29, so hopefully she will see a return to Argonnessen on a regular basis again very soon!



Citifus (Alt)- Archer Ranger. Almost completely dependent on running with guild mates, poor Citifus has been all but abandoned. This is a kept for running exclusively with certain characters in the Thieves Guild on Argo. Now level 11, we called them our “lowbies”, but perhaps we should be saying “midbies”.


Obsydhia gin Citi

Jiaydhe (Alt)- Pale Trapper. Used specifically as a crafter in the old system, Jiaydhe sees no play time of late. She is not very high level as a crafter, so maybe she will see more “screen time” in an attempt to raise said ability.



Aurrorah gin Citi

Aurrorah (Alt)- Vanguard Paladin. Created for the sole purpose of having a paladin at lower levels, and then played during the stream, Aurrorah became a favorite that saw much screen time. As a new idea sparked a new stream character, Aurrorah will stick around for streams when my partner will be unable to make it. Maybe you’ll see her again around Christmas this year.



Citifus (Alt)- Archer Ranger. Much as his Argo incarnation, poor Citifus has seen absolutely no play since reaching level 23. Hope remains to see him more once Citivyr as attained level cap.



Citivyr (Main)- Vanguard Paladin. Back in May, Citivyr became my first character ever to TR. He began again with better stats, and a similar (read: improved) vanguard build from his first life. I am now happy to report he is up to level 27, and rapidly approaching 30. He will stay there for a while, so as to keep a survivable character at epic levels.


[No Picture Available]

Citiryc (Alt for streaming)- Tempest Trapmonkey (to be posted). While talking to a member of my streaming audience, I decided  to invite them to join, and to make a character to start from level one to run with them. Since then however, an even better notion (mentioned below) arose, and so this character was deleted. “Alas, poor Citiryc. I knew him, Horatio. Here lies an alt whose toon I played I know not how oft” (only up to level 4).


Inyta Nadult

Inyta Nadult (Alt)- Necro Cleric. Inyta (pronounced like “Anita”) has seen very little play time of late. She was created because of a desire to play the Necro Cleric build (posted here). She is definitely fashioned after Aariah of Thelanis (see Corresponding section).


Obsydhia (2nd life)

Obsydhia (true Alt for streaming)- Pale Trapper. So a few days after plans were made to run low level characters on the stream with Twitter and Discord user @Ninthpawn, I created a character for said purpose. Only to be sparked by inspiration later!

While searching Soundcloud, the service I use for background music for the stream, for new music to add to my playlist, I came across a treasure trove of great music unusable in the original playlist. This sparked an idea: trash the original character created for the stream, and TR Obsydhia to play the life again! This inspiration was exciting, and before anyone could say “wait, you already…” it was done. Obsydhia is up to level 4 now, and- armed with a better idea of how to be played- ready for her new adventures!


Taenyn gin Citi

Taenyn gin Citi (Alt)- Vanguard Paladin. While guild mates were running low level characters, they called for another alt at their level. The original idea was to not make another paladin, but since the gear was already in the bank just waiting to be used, and it would be a quick build; yet another vanguard was born. It is unclear just how much this character will be played, or even how long it will continue to exist.



Aariah gin Citi (3rd life)

Aariah (Alt, former main)- Necro Cleric. Oldest and Once highest level character on any/ all servers, Aariah spent a long time “in mothballs”. An unpleasant experience caused server hops for a while until a home was found on Cannith, Argo, and, later, back to Thelanis.

Aariah began seeing play time as she joined forces with Maraga, Evennote, and the rest in Flower Sniffers of Destiny. Not long ago, there was a post on how she eTR/TR’ed and started anew as a Tempest Trapmonkey (build yet to be posted). She is doing well, and has reached level 10! Tear of Dhakan on elite was easier than expected with this character. Think she’ll stick around for a while. 😉


Blaese gin Citi

Blaese (Main)- Vanguard Paladin (yes, another one). Blaese is one of my most powerful characters. She has gotten some of the best gear, does the most damage than even Citivyr (thanks to said gear), and has yet to even TR! She is currently level 24, but gains xp in rapid fashion. One thing missing from her life is the paralyzing b. sword that she fell so deeply in love with during her late heroic levels. Alas, in early epic levels the Thunderforged B. Sword with first tier upgrade is far more effective.


Obsydhia gin Citi (Thelanis Incarnation)

Obsydhia (Alt)- Pale Trapper. Obsydhia has not been played since creation many months ago. Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring her out of storage anytime soon.


You can catch my stream here.

You can follow me on Twitter @citiplaysddo.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great one, we’ll see you next time!


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