Tuesday Activities

I have mentioned in earlier posts that Tuesday is my (current) day for DDO. I have three guilds on different servers, and we all do something at some point in the day, which makes Tuesday very hectic!

Here’s a list of some of the things I did on Tuesday, August 30th:

Argonnessen (2pm – 5pm CST).

Argo is the server I spend the least amount of time on, mostly due to time constraints.

The Thieves Guild (Mari, Tsorte, Rad and I) spent our time in two quests within The Storm Horns that- to me, anyway- are rather new and challenging. I took Citira, my level 27 paladin, and she gained a couple of ranks in her current Destiny.

First we ran EH Mask of Deception, which was not as bad as I thought it might be. I was surprised how none of the traps hit me, not even once! This observation got me rather excited.

Search and Rescue is quite brutal!

Next we tried our hand at Search and Rescue. Let me just point out that, though I have run this quest a few times, I am always rather surprised at how adept it is at PC murder. Suffice it to say that this quest would have ended early had it not been for our rogue assassin.

We eventually finished both quests, and made off with quite a lot of XP reward!

Then I break for an hour to eat and enjoy some “me” time.


Cannith (6pm – 10pm CST).

Cannith was one of the first regular groups I joined that didn’t fall apart shortly after I joined.

The HeMan Woman Haters guild (which, if you are unaware, is the name of the club formed on the show “The Little Rascals”) is comprised of Chris, Greg, Jessie, Corey, Rob, and myself. Half of us were absent today, but again: Time constraints and schedule conflicts.

We spent time out in Storm Horns as well, though different quests. Though I don’t remember the names of the quests, I do remember that one had a Frost Giant and the other had to do with a gong and wave after wave of orcs, gnolls, and giants. Perched atop a ledge high above our heads was a white dragon that sent our way many a cold blast.

We also did some slayers in that area, and came across a little something special. We had to hit the spawn area four times to get it, but it did spawn!



Thelanis (10pm – Midnight. or 1am. or 2am.)

Evennote (or just Even), Maraga, Rayne, myself, and many others I can barely keep track of make up the guild Flower Sniffers of Destiny. I played Aariah, my 30th level Necro Cleric, who received two ranks in Divine Crusader.

I began the night when I joined Cordovan in a run of Foundation of Discord. We made it through most of the quest before we ran out of Spell points, and had already used the single shrine. We were forced to recall and re-enter, however in the end Even and Rayne gave us their assistance.

After Cordovan left, it was decided that Even, Rayne, and I  would run Spinner of Shadows on Epic Elite. We posted a Looking For More to add one more player, and began once we the spot was filled.

Never let the Spider Sisters talk long distance!

Our group ran Spinner quite well, and yours truly was given the crystal collection assignment. As Spinner went so well, we decided to run Beyond the Rift, whereupon another of the Sniffer (Maraga) joined. At first, I’d decided to call it a night, but I just couldn’t pass up the XP. Beyond the Rift was also quite successful, and that’s where I called my night.

Oh, and Aariah got a slight appearance upgrade.

Necro Clerics should always have a skull helm
Necro Clerics should always have a skull helm

Big thanks to everyone that helped out, and you all know who you are! Be sure to point out anything or anyone I missed! Hope to see you out in the world!

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading this! Have a great day, and we’ll see you again next week!



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