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Citifus, Elf Ranger

Posting this for comments and help. Many, many thanks in advance!

The link says 9th level, but I have since leveled Citifus to 10, so I have updated this post to reflect that.

So here was my thought process on the build: Make an Arcane Archer with trapping capabilities so that I can live through some of the early trap-infested quests, however this changed when I was reminded that with as high a Dex as this build has, trapping isn’t really necessary. Thus, I respecced to full Ranger.

I went elf for the extra dex and int, and focused on the AA enhancement tree for all the neat arrows. I liked the build until I saw what some other builds were able to do, and realized just how gimped I was. So, here I am, posting in all my gimpiness so that you, my DDO savants, may teach me my errant ways! Please leave any/ all assistance in the comment section below, and I will sponge up the knowledge like a… well, sponge. 😛

Beginning Stats:


DEX 18

CON 14

INT 16

WIS 10


Level Ups: DEX (All)



  1. PBS, Favored Enemy: Undead
  2. Precision
  3. Favored Enemy: Giant
  4. Weapon Focus: Ranged
  5. Improved Crit: Ranged
  6. Favored Enemy: Evil Outsider


Enhancements (so far):



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