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Sith Girl (A SWTOR Filk)

I’ve taken a break from DDO of late to concentrate on my newest obsession: Star Wars The Old Republic (or SWTOR), and last night while I was running a female Sith character, this popped into my head. It’s a remake of Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl” from 1977. Before we go much further, let me …

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Where are they now?

Greetings, everyone! It’s been a while since there’s been any mention of the status of my characters in DDO, so let’s some the time to do so. Some characters have made some interesting changes, some reached epics, while others still have yet to be played at all (alt-itis is a serious affliction). Let’s hit up the characters by …

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Filk #2: Shavarath’s a Battlefield

So as I was traversing the planes trying to level Citivyr, I was listening to music when “Love is a Battlefield” from Pat Benetar began to play. At first, I thought this coincidence, but- as Mark Harmon’s character on NCIS is fond of saying- “There are no coincidences.” Thus, I took it as a sign …

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Stream Schedule

Hello, my intrepid adventurers! So after a few weeks of trial and error, I think I have discovered a sweet spot time slot (see what I did there?) for my weekly stream! Yes, now you will have something more to do on your already busy Friday afternoons. I’ll start around 12:00pm CST, which will be …

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Filk #1: Temple of the Six

I was watching @Shikaijo from Twitter running the Sorrowdusk chain when this came to me. I’ve been working on it ever since, and still am. However, I thought I would post this now, as a WIP. Ladies and Gentlemen… This is Mambo number- er, wait. No, that’s wrong. This is Temple of the Six! (To …

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The Quest(s) for Things ‘n’ Stuff!

Most of you probably do not know me very well, but I like words, and those that do know me will attest. Word play, puns, irony, obscure words, etc, all lead to some form of enjoyment. So some of what I enjoy about DDO is the aspect of place or quest or even npc names …

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Night Revels 2016

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkins get turned into Jack-O’-Lanterns, the sky gets darker, and the dead rise! Mabar has come! The eerie plane of night has once again made its way to Delera’s Graveyard in DDO, and everyone’s getting into the festive mood! The costumes (cosmetic armors/ hats/ pets) are out, and everyone’s …

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Aariah Kidding Me?!

Hello, my beloved readers! My apologies once again for the late post. My schedule got messed with again, and I am still trying to get myself situated so that I have a set time to blog. Now let me catch you up on the latest events for the past couple of weeks! Cannith guild HeMan …

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It’s the Little Things…

[Author’s Note: This post is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, fun, and for enjoyment.] Many times I have indicated how much I love Dungeons and Dragons Online: Here, in chat, and in real. I do this because simple words would never do justice to my obsession. Never-the-less, every once in a while something rears its head, …

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Update 32: Against the Slave Lords

So Update 32 (U32) was released last Tuesday, and not only did I have a chance to run it a few times, I was able to make the first couple of runs with Even and the rest of the Flower Sniffers of Destiny! I wasn’t able to get many screenshots, but I’ll spatter what I …

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