Aariah In-Depth

Aariah gin Citi



Aariah has a bluish tint to her pale skin, white hair, and aqua eyes that almost seem luminescent. She is slender and physically weak, but her mental faculties are of equal compensation. Most will see her dressed in her usual protective plate, though when not engaged in a quest she prefers her ceremonial robe made of blue dragonscale.

Aariah gin Citi, Cleric of The Sovereign Host
Aariah gin Citi, Cleric of The Sovereign Host


Aariah is a solemn soul, but is also kindhearted and charitable. Wise and frugal, she uses her available funds well, though she on occasion has been known to use temple funds to buy food for her entire congregation. Every so often, when she thinks no one watches, she displays a great sadness, as though she has also suffered tremendous tragedy.

Modest and quick to blush, Aariah is awkward in social situations, but shines as she aids those in need. Once she lived a comfortable life of study and philosophy in a temple of The City, but left it behind when she saw the suffering of the underprivileged.

She has no plans to ever return to such indulgence.

Law is Aariah’s biggest concern is law, and does her utmost to see that it is enforced. Trained in judicial procedures, Aariah can act as judge, mediator, or prosecutor. In rare instances, she may also be called upon to propose a criminal’s punishment.

Though she prefers diplomacy, Aariah will use violence as a last resort or in self defense.

Aariah stirs up trouble for the Sahuagin
Aariah stirs up trouble for the Sahuagin


Aariah was raised in a temple within the holy community known only as “The City”, which is rumored to be the most pure and beautiful in existence. Her father was a member of the guard for the city of her origin, and he brought her to a temple of the Sovereign Host for protection while it was under invasion.

Closed up in The City, she lived a sheltered, cloistered life, and believed that all were as happy and content, save for the most vile.

Everything changed when she visited a city of mortals and saw the condition in which some lived. Upon her return, she renounced such opulence, and lived her life among the poor and unfortunate souls in slums. It was difficult to gain their trust at first, but her work in relief and charity eventually gained her acceptance.