Current Characters




Citira- 2-Handed Paladin build. Citira is beautiful, dutiful, and cold. Older sister of Citirynne and Citivyr, and is far more serious about her life as an adventurer. Take a look at Citira In-Depth.



Citirynne – 2-Handed Paladin build. This girl loves to party, but occasionally gets motivated to get out and adventure. Incessant jealousy in regards to Citira. Youngest of the three. Take a look at Citirynne In-Depth.


Jiaydhe- Pale Trapper build. Complete opposite of Citirynne, Jiaydhe is the unlife of the party. Literally. This Pale Mistress takes full advantage of her drow heritage. Take a look at Jiaydhe In-Depth.

Reela- S&B Paladin. Reela prefers to rush into a mob and intimidate them before taking a swing. Trusting her armor and shield to protect her from damage, she remains in the middle of the fray until all that stand against her are demolished. Take a look at Reela In-Depth.




Citivyr- 2-Handed Paladin build. Middlest of the Citi-blings, Citivyr went to the Cannith server in order to escape the war between his sisters. Became a member of the HeMan Woman Haters guild, and his progress since has been tremendous.


Obsydhia- Mistress of the Necromantic Arts!
Obsydhia- Mistress of the Necromantic Arts!

Obsydhia- Pale Trapper build. Gorgeous, mysterious, deadly.  Obsydhia would rather charm her adversaries to fight one another than do so herself, though quite capable when necessary.  Check out Obsydhia In-Depth.

Citirynne- Tempest Trapmonkey build. Citirynne on Cannith is not the Citirynne from Argo. She has taken up the bow, and prefers to fight from afar, and is capable of finding and disarming the traps that try to inhibit her progress.

Aurrorah- S&B Paladin build. Aurrorah was originally made to test the s&b build for Citivyr’s next life. So far, I find it “okay”, but the difference in damage is quite noticeable. There will be no In-depth for this character.


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