Citirynne In-Depth



Citirynne is could be mistaken for Citira in every respect save hair and eye color, and copies much of her sister’s style. Much of her equipment was handed down from what Citira didn’t need anymore. Citirynne’s hair is a reddish blonde, which varies greatly from Citira’s deep red color, but otherwise is the exact same length and style. Citirynne’s eyes are a bright, luminous blue, which also do not match her sister’s mottled green.

I'm a big, bad adventurer! Rawr!
I’m a big, bad adventurer! Rawr!



Citirynne, being the youngest, is also the most carefree. She prefers to spend the day with friends, doing whatever activity strikes her fancy. Often, she is in search of fun, and- on occasion- can even be found in taverns of ill repute.

Though she is such a stark opposite from her sister, those that know Citirynne will tell you she has her own virtues. She is as beautiful as her sister, which of course has its own charm. What really draws people to her, however, is the way she looks at life.

Money, money, money, mon-ey!
Let’s see… tithe is 10%, I’ll donate 20%, 30% for new gear, 20% for repairs…

She shuns only those who break the law, or are evil. She cares little for riches, fame, or status, and surrounds herself with those that share her attitude. When all is said and done, what people love most about her is her spirit. Regardless of what befalls her, Citirynne is able to smile and persevere.



Citirynne is the youngest sibling, and thus the least responsible. When Citira decided to take care of the family, Citirynne was thrilled. She thought their lives would be able to do everything that she wanted, that they would all be free.

Relations between them became strained when Citirynne discovered that Citira chose to be responsible and strict. The older Citirynne became, the more aggressive their interactions were, until she could stand no more and rebelled.

Citira began to focus more on the duties of a paladin to escape her home life drama, and that became another point upon which Citirynne took offense.

*Weapon Breaks* GAH! I Hate it when that happens!
*Weapon Breaks* GAH! I Hate it when that happens!

Though their brother did his best to keep the family together, the two sisters’ war shook it to the core. Neither sister was willing to concede that each had valid concerns, and it was not long before their ties disintegrated.

Citirynne decided to travel, to see and learn more of the world. It is unknown exactly where she went, or what- if anything- she learned, but when she returned, she seemed to have let go of her anger, yet her will remained indomitable.

In recent events, she seems to have grown close ties with the House of Deneith, where one can see the pique of her joviality. Trouble seemed to have brewed for House D with the threat of a pirate band. The defeat of the Blood Tide Pirates was but the first of her many wondrous exploits.