Pale Trapper Build

 The Build

Obsydhia- Mistress of the Necromantic Arts!

This build is good for new players that want to make a caster class. The Pale Trapper concentrates on negative energy spells to harm enemies and self-heal, as well as full trapping skills. Derived from user Ellisdee37 from the DDO Forums post, this build still does well today, 13 updates later. View the original build here.

  • Style: Specialist
  • Class: Wizard/ Rogue
  • Race: Human
  • Path: Custom

Abilities (28 point):

  • Strength (STR): 10
  • Dexterity (DEX): 8
  • Constitution (CON): 16
  • Intelligence (INT): 18
  • Wisdom (WIS): 8
  • Charisma (CHA): 8

Strength (STR): This helps you hit your target, as well as adds damage to any successful strike.

Dexterity (DEX): Dexterity helps you avoid damage, raises your reflex saving throw,  and in some builds even determines how frequently you will succeed in your attacks.

Constitution (CON): This helps your health and overall survival by adding its bonus to your Hit Points (HP) at every level, as well as raises your saves related to fortitude, including saves versus death!

Intelligence (INT): Intelligence points on ANY build is a good idea. Why? Skill Points. For some spellcasters (arcane) INT is their main Ability.

Wisdom (WIS): Wisdom is relative to Will saves, and for some spellcasters (divine) it is their main ability.

Charisma (CHA): For most classes, CHA is somewhat useless. Some classes (Bard, Favored Soul), however, rely on it as their main Ability. Yet other classes (Cleric, Paladin) have class abilities that are tied to this stat.

Pale Trapper Abilities


Keep trapping skills maxed!

Concentration (2), Spellcraft (2), Disable (4), Search (4), Spot (4), Heal (2), Open Lock (4), Repair (4), Balance (4), Jump (4), Use Magical Device (UMD) (4), Swim (3), Perform (2), Tumble (1)

Pale Trapper Skills


Feats: Most of your Feats are going to go towards your spellcasting ability, both to reduce cost as well as improve effectiveness.

  1. Insightful Reflexes, Toughness or Augment Summoning (Human)
  2. Maximize Spell (Wizard)
  3. Empower Spell
  4. None
  5. None
  6. Extend Spell, Heighten Spell (Wizard)
  7. None
  8. None
  9. Spell Focus: Enchantment
  10. None
  11. None
  12. Spell Penetration, Spell Focus: Necromancy
  13. None
  14. None
  15. Greater Spell Focus: Necromancy
  16. None
  17. Quicken Spell (Wizard)
  18. Greater Spell Penetration
  19. None
  20. None
  21. Epic Spell Penetration (Epic)
  22. None
  23. None
  24. Embolden Spell (Epic)
  25. None
  26. Epic Spell Power: Negative (Destiny)
  27. Epic Spell Focus: Necromancy (Epic)
  28. Hellball (Destiny)
  29. Arcane Pulse (Destiny)
  30. Master of: The Dead (Epic), Scion of Shadowfell (Legend)
Pale Trapper Feats



Spells you will want to be sure to have are as follows: Lesser Death Aura, Death Aura, Web, FireWall, Finger of Death, Wail of the Banshee, Stoneskin, Charm Person, and some Crowd Control spells. See below for my personal choices:

Pale Trapper Spells

Enhancements (80 AP Total):

Archmage ( AM 40 AP), Pale Master (PM 36 AP), Human (Hum 4 AP)

  1. (bank 4 AP)
  2. AM0 Chill Touch, AM1 Energy of the Scholar 1, AM1 Spell Critical, PM0 Dark Reaping, (bank 2 AP)
  3. AM2 Efficient Empower 1,2,3
  4. PM1 Deathless Vigor 1,2
  5. PM0 Zombie Form, AM0 Command Undead, PM1 Negative Energy Conduit 1,2
  6. PM1 Deathless Vigor 3, PM1 Spell Critical
  7. PM0 Vampire Form, AM0 Halt Undead, AM3 Intelligence
  8. PM3 Intelligence, (bank 2 AP)
  9. AM2 Efficient Maximize 1,2,3
  10. AM4 School Mastery: Necromancy, PM2 Spell Critical
  11. AM4 Intelligence, PM3 Spell Critical
  12. PM1 Negative Energy Conduit 3, PM4 Intelligence, Hum Skills Boost
  13. AM4 Efficient Heighten 1,2
  14. PM0 Wraith Form, AM0 Enervation, PM4 Spell Critical
  15. AM3 Spell Penetration 1,2
  16. AM2 Spell Critical, (bank 2 AP)
  17. PM2 Efficient Quicken 1,2,3
  18. PM5 Necromantic Focus, PM5 Improved Shrouding
  19. AM3 Spell Critical, AM4 Spell Critical
  20. PM0 Lich Form, Hum0 Intelligence, Hum0 Saves Boost
Pale Trapper Enhancements (variant version)

Epic Destiny (Divine Crusader):


  1. Unearthly Reactions 1,2, Intelligence
  2. School Specialist: Necromancy 1,2,3, Intelligence
  3. Sigil of Energy 1,2, Piercing Spellcraft 1,2,3, Intelligence
  4. Intelligence
  5. Intelligence
  6. Arcane Adept, Intelligence
Pale Master Epic Destiny (Magister) (Unfulfilled)

Twists of Fate: 

  1. Energy Burst: Acid (Tier 4 Draconic)
  2. Endless Faith (Tier 1 Exalted)


Build Alterations:

This build focuses on new players, so I do not recommend varying from this build, but if you do, I listed suggestions below.

Abilities: No variance should apply here, unless the race creates a limit. If so, choose a different race.

Skills: Non-human builds should sacrifice Spellcraft to keep trapping skills maxed.

Feats: Non-human builds should skip the (Human Feat) Toughness at level one.

It’s not you, it’s me… no, I lied. It’s totally you.

Spells: The spell list for non-humans should not vary from that of humans.

Enhancements: Non-humans will not have access to the Human Enhancement Tree, and my spend the points in their own racial tree if they choose, or may invest more in Archmage or Pale Master. Player’s Choice.


Epic Destinies: 

No variance here. Non-humans may use the same destinies as Humans.

Tactics: For early levels, use Chill Touch SLA (Spell Like Ability) with Maximize and Empower both turned on. These enhancements are free for SLA’s, so they will not increase the Spell Point Cost to use.

Want. Shiiiiiiiniiiiiieeeeeesssssss…..

You’ll want to take your second Rogue level at 9th so as to get Firewall asap. Once you have two levels of Rogue, you don’t (shouldn’t) take any further levels in the class. You’ll go Wizard all the way from that point.

For later levels, you’ll use Web/Firewall combo for mobs, and Finger of Death (FoD) for stragglers. For bosses, you’ll want many a choice for Damage Over Time spells (DOTs) so you can reserve spell points.

Summary: This build works well for new players, however the play style isn’t. I may recommend this build if you’ve played another class before, or you want to make an alt to mess around with while your main isn’t leveling.

Best choice is maybe a second or third life character, but a first life will work just fine.