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Sith Girl (A SWTOR Filk)

I’ve taken a break from DDO of late to concentrate on my newest obsession: Star Wars The Old Republic (or SWTOR), and last night while I was running a female Sith character, this popped into my head. It’s a remake of Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl” from 1977.

Before we go much further, let me apologize for the size of the text of the filk. I copy/ pasted the original lyrics from Google, and they turned out absolutely enormous. Unfortunately, since WordPress got rid of the option to set the point sizes of text, I can’t change it. Sooo… Yeah, kind of stuck with what we got.

For those of you unfamiliar or unable to recall this song, you can watch a video of it here:

Sith Girl

Sith Girl


You’re a Sith Girl, and you’ve gone too far
Cause you know you’re not carin’, anyway
You can rely on your dark force powers
You can rely on your dark force powers
It’s a bitch girl, but it’s gone too far
Cause you know you’re not carin’ anyway
Say dark force, but it won’t get you too far
Get you too far

Don’t you know, don’t you know
That it’s wrong to corrupt what is given you
So far gone down the path
You can be saved if you rein in your wrath
But you’re in love with your wrath, ’cause

You’re a Sith Girl, and you’ve gone too far
Cause you know you’re not carin’, anyway
You can rely on your dark force powers
You can rely on your dark force powers
It’s a bitch girl, but it’s gone too far
Cause you know you’re not carin’ anyway
Say dark force, but it won’t get you too far
Get you too far

Dromund Kaas, covered in rain
It’s so easy to hurt others just to feel their pain
And don’t you know that a love can’t grow
‘Cause there’s too much hate, ’cause you’d rather dictate
For the thrill of it all, oh

You’re a Sith Girl, and you’ve gone too far
Cause you know you’re not carin’, anyway
You can rely on your dark force powers
You can rely on your dark force powers
It’s a bitch girl, but it’s gone too far
Cause you know you’re not carin’ anyway
Say dark force, but it won’t get you too far
Say dark force, but it won’t get you too far
Say dark force, but it won’t get you too far
Get you too far

And you say
You can rely on your dark force powers
You can rely on your dark force powers
ou’re a Sith Girl, a Sith Girl
Oh, you’re a Sith Bitch Girl
Say dark force, but it won’t get you too far
Oh, get ya too far

Where are they now?

Greetings, everyone!

It’s been a while since there’s been any mention of the status of my characters in DDO, so let’s some the time to do so. Some characters have made some interesting changes, some reached epics, while others still have yet to be played at all (alt-itis is a serious affliction).

Let’s hit up the characters by server.





Citira (Main)- Vanguard Paladin. Though previously run once a week, Citira’s not been logged in much of late due to a mismatch of schedules on the server. Never-the-less, she’s somehow made it to level 29, so hopefully she will see a return to Argonnessen on a regular basis again very soon!




Citifus (Alt)- Archer Ranger. Almost completely dependent on running with guild mates, poor Citifus has been all but abandoned. This is a kept for running exclusively with certain characters in the Thieves Guild on Argo. Now level 11, we called them our “lowbies”, but perhaps we should be saying “midbies”.



Obsydhia gin Citi

Jiaydhe (Alt)- Pale Trapper. Used specifically as a crafter in the old system, Jiaydhe sees no play time of late. She is not very high level as a crafter, so maybe she will see more “screen time” in an attempt to raise said ability.




Aurrorah gin Citi

Aurrorah (Alt)- Vanguard Paladin. Created for the sole purpose of having a paladin at lower levels, and then played during the stream, Aurrorah became a favorite that saw much screen time. As a new idea sparked a new stream character, Aurrorah will stick around for streams when my partner will be unable to make it. Maybe you’ll see her again around Christmas this year.




Citifus (Alt)- Archer Ranger. Much as his Argo incarnation, poor Citifus has seen absolutely no play since reaching level 23. Hope remains to see him more once Citivyr as attained level cap.




Citivyr (Main)- Vanguard Paladin. Back in May, Citivyr became my first character ever to TR. He began again with better stats, and a similar (read: improved) vanguard build from his first life. I am now happy to report he is up to level 27, and rapidly approaching 30. He will stay there for a while, so as to keep a survivable character at epic levels.


[No Picture Available]

Citiryc (Alt for streaming)- Tempest Trapmonkey (to be posted). While talking to a member of my streaming audience, I decided  to invite them to join, and to make a character to start from level one to run with them. Since then however, an even better notion (mentioned below) arose, and so this character was deleted. “Alas, poor Citiryc. I knew him, Horatio. Here lies an alt whose toon I played I know not how oft” (only up to level 4).



Inyta Nadult

Inyta Nadult (Alt)- Necro Cleric. Inyta (pronounced like “Anita”) has seen very little play time of late. She was created because of a desire to play the Necro Cleric build (posted here). She is definitely fashioned after Aariah of Thelanis (see Corresponding section).



Obsydhia (2nd life)

Obsydhia (true Alt for streaming)- Pale Trapper. So a few days after plans were made to run low level characters on the stream with Twitter and Discord user @Ninthpawn, I created a character for said purpose. Only to be sparked by inspiration later!

While searching Soundcloud, the service I use for background music for the stream, for new music to add to my playlist, I came across a treasure trove of great music unusable in the original playlist. This sparked an idea: trash the original character created for the stream, and TR Obsydhia to play the life again! This inspiration was exciting, and before anyone could say “wait, you already…” it was done. Obsydhia is up to level 4 now, and- armed with a better idea of how to be played- ready for her new adventures!



Taenyn gin Citi

Taenyn gin Citi (Alt)- Vanguard Paladin. While guild mates were running low level characters, they called for another alt at their level. The original idea was to not make another paladin, but since the gear was already in the bank just waiting to be used, and it would be a quick build; yet another vanguard was born. It is unclear just how much this character will be played, or even how long it will continue to exist.




Aariah gin Citi (3rd life)

Aariah (Alt, former main)- Necro Cleric. Oldest and Once highest level character on any/ all servers, Aariah spent a long time “in mothballs”. An unpleasant experience caused server hops for a while until a home was found on Cannith, Argo, and, later, back to Thelanis.

Aariah began seeing play time as she joined forces with Maraga, Evennote, and the rest in Flower Sniffers of Destiny. Not long ago, there was a post on how she eTR/TR’ed and started anew as a Tempest Trapmonkey (build yet to be posted). She is doing well, and has reached level 10! Tear of Dhakan on elite was easier than expected with this character. Think she’ll stick around for a while. 😉



Blaese gin Citi

Blaese (Main)- Vanguard Paladin (yes, another one). Blaese is one of my most powerful characters. She has gotten some of the best gear, does the most damage than even Citivyr (thanks to said gear), and has yet to even TR! She is currently level 24, but gains xp in rapid fashion. One thing missing from her life is the paralyzing b. sword that she fell so deeply in love with during her late heroic levels. Alas, in early epic levels the Thunderforged B. Sword with first tier upgrade is far more effective.



Obsydhia gin Citi (Thelanis Incarnation)

Obsydhia (Alt)- Pale Trapper. Obsydhia has not been played since creation many months ago. Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring her out of storage anytime soon.


You can catch my stream here.

You can follow me on Twitter @citiplaysddo.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great one, we’ll see you next time!

Filk #2: Shavarath’s a Battlefield


Shavarath’s a battlefield

So as I was traversing the planes trying to level Citivyr, I was listening to music when “Love is a Battlefield” from Pat Benetar began to play. At first, I thought this coincidence, but- as Mark Harmon’s character on NCIS is fond of saying- “There are no coincidences.”

Thus, I took it as a sign that “A Filk must be done!”, and what you see here is the result. I hope you enjoy my quirky sense of humor.

In case some of you have not heard the song before, or if you just want to use it as a reference, you may listen to it here: Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benetar

We are flung
Onto this realm, a wasteland
No promises, just demands
Shavarath’s a battlefield

We are strong
We’ll show them all that they’re wrong
They’ve been complacent too long
All of us knowing
Shavarath’s a battlefield

They’re beggin’ us to go, so why don’t we stay
Why do they all act so bad
Would it help them to know
That we stand in their way, and it’s the best fight they’ve had
Of the three, of the three, We’ve chosen our side
And they’re trapped by our blades, and there’s no place to hide

We are flung
Onto this realm, a wasteland
No promises, just demands
Shavarath’s a battlefield

We are strong
We’ll show them all that they’re wrong
They’ve been complacent too long
All of us knowing
Shavarath’s a battlefield

As they’re losing control
We will turn them away
From their forts deep inside
As their bodies get cold
They’ll feel the Wrath of the Flame
Just before they all die
Then as we end our harsh task
And move on from there
We’ll turn our attentions toward
The Tower of Despair

We are flung
Onto this realm, a wasteland
No promises, just demands
Shavarath’s a battlefield

We are strong
We’ll show them all that they’re wrong
They’ve been complacent too long
All of us knowing
Shavarath’s a battlefield

Stream Schedule

Hello, my intrepid adventurers!

So after a few weeks of trial and error, I think I have discovered a sweet spot time slot (see what I did there?) for my weekly stream!

Yes, now you will have something more to do on your already busy Friday afternoons. I’ll start around 12:00pm CST, which will be right after Friday Afternoon stream on the official DDO Stream channel.

I will keep my viewers updated by posting reminders and updates via my Twitter account @Citiplaysddo.

I am also considering opening another stream for some other games (meaning, I may have to change my Twitch name) such as the Neverwinter Nights line of games from the late nineties/ mid-2000’s.

Please feel free to drop by and say hello! I would enjoy the company. I would also enjoy any advice on how to improve my streams.

I will also post here when/ if I decide to do the second stream, even if it is for a non-DDO game.

I also welcome special guests on my stream, whether they have streams of their own or not.

Once again, thanks so much for your time, and hope to see you in-game or in chat on my stream!

Filk #1: Temple of the Six


Temple of the Six

I was watching @Shikaijo from Twitter running the Sorrowdusk chain when this came to me. I’ve been working on it ever since, and still am. However, I thought I would post this now, as a WIP.

Ladies and Gentlemen… This is Mambo number- er, wait. No, that’s wrong. This is Temple of the Six!

(To the tune of “Puttin’ on the Ritz”)

Have you been to Sor-row-dusk
Put an end to traitor Grust
Helped that Grey Moon as it wanes
Rid those trolls with sword and flames

Freed ogres from slaver’s collars
Beat Qessul ’til he hollars
Deep inside the mine
Then don’t you think it’s time

If it’s true
And you don’t know where to go to
Why don’t you go where the cult sits
Temple of the Six
Gather up all of the bevy of
Evidence light and heavy
It all fits
Temple of the Six

That’s where each and every bad cultist goes
Every time with their to’s and fro’s
You know it shows

Come with me and we’ll attend their end, you’ll see
And smash all their
altars to bits
Temple of the Six

If it’s true
And you don’t know where to go to
Why don’t you go where the cult sits
Temple of the Six
Gather up all of the bevy of
Evidence light and heavy
It all fits
Temple of the Six

That’s where each and every bad cultist goes
Every time with their to’s and fro’s
You know it shows

Come with me and we’ll attend their end, you’ll see
And smash all their
altars to bits
Temple of the Six

Come with me and we’ll attend their end, you’ll see
And smash all their
altars to bits
Temple of the Six

The Quest(s) for Things ‘n’ Stuff!

Most of you probably do not know me very well, but I like words, and those that do know me will attest. Word play, puns, irony, obscure words, etc, all lead to some form of enjoyment.

So some of what I enjoy about DDO is the aspect of place or quest or even npc names and their double/ hidden definitions or references. That is why I feel I must continue with that trend when I get something new that I am able to name.

In this case, I refer to the little ghostly beholder known as the Doomspherelet Pet.

Before I get too into my whole naming sequence routine, let me back up a bit and explain things from the start.

In my last post, I announced the commencement of this years version of The Night Revels, which is a festival that celebrates the spirit of Halloween as relates to the american traditions of “trick or treating”, costumes, and even the darker side of human nature.

The goal of the whole festival is to run in a public area and destroy the undead as they rise. As you do, your character will receive Darkest Chocolate candy and the occasional Night Revels Key. One can spend a short period of time throughout the public area and get many keys, or- at times- the exact opposite.

Once you have a key, you can choose to run one of six quests. Each quest offers something in the way of varied amounts of treats with a distinct Halloween inspriration. Those treats can be collected and, when the correct amount of each treat required is reached, you may then use said treats to “cook” yourself an item that may only be attained through this festival.

The items on my Festival “must have” list are as follows:


My Doomspherelet cosmetic pet, Eyescream

Doomspherelet Cosmetic Pet (notice the name, we will come back to that later!)


Reaper cosmetic armor

Reaper cosmetic armor


Reaper cosmetic armor and helmet

Reaper cosmetic helmet


Night Cloak (level 4)


Night Cloak (upgrade to level 16) [Upgrade in progress]


Night Revels Festival Augments [Work in progress]

That, my dear friends, is the current state of my Night Revels affairs. Thanks for the stop and the time spent reading my post. You have my wholehearted appreciation!

Please stop by again!

Night Revels 2016


Night Revels 2016

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkins get turned into Jack-O’-Lanterns, the sky gets darker, and the dead rise! Mabar has come!

The eerie plane of night has once again made its way to Delera’s Graveyard in DDO, and everyone’s getting into the festive mood!


Mabar’s Night Sky

The costumes (cosmetic armors/ hats/ pets) are out, and everyone’s after that hard to get candy!

Darkest Chocolates, Spooky Almonds, Black Apples, and many other forms of ingredients we all need to get that certain special something (like the Doomsphere pet, or perhaps that wicked looking armor and helm- see screen cap at top of page if you don’t know what I mean).

This year, besides some awesome new cosmetics available as prizes, there’s some wonderful new quests to help us farm up the necessary ingredients to get the items we want so badly: Hayweird Foundry and Getting Ahead. After trying them both, it seems that Getting Ahead took much less time, and gave approximately the same number of ingredients. When run at 5 above your current level, you’ll get somewhere around 8 of each ingredient. This is good! The four older quests made it so you had to farm each of them a number of times to get the quantities required. The fact the two new quests give all of them (though in lesser amounts), means you only have to run one quest, or- maybe both?


Getting Ahead

With the time needed to run each quest (about 20 minutes if you fought everything), or- if you’re like some of the players I’ve talked to- far less than that if you know how/ what to do.

Personally, I ran with my Paladins- mostly because I knew they would survive. Not only do they have the gear to make it through, but it is the playstyle with which I am most familiar. This caused the keys (special items needed to get into each quest, and melee builds don’t farm them very well) to drop very slowly. In fact, in a four hour period, I’d only gotten two. This was unacceptable!


Destroyed the table. Pumpkin still floating. O.o

I was told how to acquire more keys, and when I followed the advice I was amazed at how much difference it really made! I now tend to get about 1 key every six minutes (on average)!

Anyway, after I gathered the necessary keys (about 12), I began to run Getting Ahead. It wasn’t long before I had the Doomsphere cosmetic pet. I am now currently farming the  ingredients needed for the armor and helmet you can see at the top of the page. 😀


How to trap a zombie…

What I love about Mabar is the Halloween theme. All things dark and deadly, such as vampires, skeletons, and zombies, are out and about. It is up to us to defeat them!

Some of you may already know this, but Halloween is my absolute MOSTEST FAVORITESTEST time of the year. I’m an old horror movie buff, as well as a former pseudo goth, so this kind of stuff is totally my thing. Vampires, werewolves (of which I wish there were more of in DDO), skeletons, mummies, zombies, wraiths, and specters- I tell you, it’s enough to make you Wheep. Eh? See what I did there? XD Okay, I’ll stop now.


Ladies and Gentlemen… the Headless Monstrosity!

At the end of Getting, you will face the Headless Monstrosity. By himself, he’s not much of a threat. Basically, the Headless Horesman from Sleepy Hollow. However, he’s not alone. I cannot tell you just how many zombies are with him- mainly because I’m always far too busy to spend the time and count, as well as they move around too much to keep an accurate count!

Seriously, these are Night of the Living Dead type numbers! And you have to fight them AT THE SAME TIME AS THE BOSS! O.o

Good thing that a properly built paladin can take that kind of abuse and survive. Once the BBEG is down, take your time and get to work putting the remainder to rest. Once you’ve cleared the room, you’ll see you got a very nice reward. Typically, at 5 levels higher, I’ve gotten 8 or 9 of every ingredient.



The Headless Monstrosity needs to learn about personal space…

Now, while I admit these are great things, there are some improvements I would like to see next year.

I hope they continue to increase the number of great items you can get as rewards for farming ingredients. I hope they find a way to make keys drop just a bit higher for melee builds. I would love to see more monster types in the quests, werewolves and vampires especially. Last but not least, I would love to see more quests!

I’d say the thing that bothers me most about Night Revels is the monotony. Four of the six quests give only two ingredient types (one of which is always Darkest Chocolate, which you also get from the public area). This leaves two quests that players can farm for the ingredients: One is quite good, the other is a lot longer, more difficult, and gives only 1 more of each ingredient than the other.

Also the lag, but with all that spawns, and the many instances of each quest being run, I imagine that server performance is very difficult to maintain.

So, in reality, there’s really only one quest you can farm said ingredients, and after a while that can become quite a bore.

Overall, I’d give Night Revels either 7 or 8 out of 10 review. However, as is obvious from my statements above, I am a bit biased toward everything horror. 🙂

Thanks again for stopping by, and for taking the time out of your busy day to read this blog. I appreciate your continued support!


Aariah Kidding Me?!

Hello, my beloved readers!

My apologies once again for the late post. My schedule got messed with again, and I am still trying to get myself situated so that I have a set time to blog.

Now let me catch you up on the latest events for the past couple of weeks!

Cannith guild HeMan Woman Haters have reached level 100! Needless to say, I had very little to do with this, since I have had very little time to play on Cannith of late. The guild owner did take screen shots for me, and shared it them with me, whereupon I now share them with you.


Server Guild Announcement Level 100


HMWH finally reach level 100!

Argo guild The Thieves Guild has added an extra guild night because of my schedule change (which has now changed again) so that I may yet join them on a weekly basis. Citira is so happy to have running mates again!

Thelanis character Blaese got herself up to epic levels last week, which then allowed Aariah  to do an eTR/ TR to get to a third life and 34 point build!

Aariah has converted over to a build I have not played in a long while, and I can only hope is still relevant. The build is 18 Ranger/ 1 Rogue/ 1 Fighter, and is well known as the Tempest Trapmonkey. As usual, I have customized it to my own tastes and play style.

I will attempt to write up her build as soon as possible so that I can share the base and all the changes I made.


Aariah the 2wf Ranger

On multiple servers, I had a run where the Random Loot Gen Gods gave their blessing and sent me some very nice gear. You can see the descriptions of such loot in the screenshots below:


Nice Helmet


A Nice Ring to It

As for the new crafting, I can honestly say I have done very little of it. My crafting levels are not high enough to really make it worthwhile, and I would spend most or all of my reserves getting high enough level on most servers.

Aariah alone has only gotten up to around level 277, and is completely out of essences, let alone collectibles. We’ll see how quickly I can gain essences, and if it winds up being worth my while to bother with the requirements. This seems to be another case of the difference between the haves and the have-nots.

A while back, Blaese received a new toy via the random loot gen gods, and has been having LOADS of fun with it!


New Sword Effects 1


New Sword Effects 2

On a more personal front, I have received word that there is a possibility that my schedule may change YET AGAIN. This being said, I may be in the market for a new job if I can’t get a set schedule soon.

Thank you for both taking the time to read my post, as well as for your patience as I attempt to regain some semblance of a schedule. I will do my best to get things settled as soon as possible.

It’s the Little Things…

[Author’s Note: This post is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, fun, and for enjoyment.]

Many times I have indicated how much I love Dungeons and Dragons Online: Here, in chat, and in real. I do this because simple words would never do justice to my obsession.

Never-the-less, every once in a while something rears its head, and drives me absolutely bonkers. Typically, that “something” is lag. However, sometimes that “something” is so minuscule that it is almost not worth mentioning. Today’s post is about the latter.

I have a new alt that I created specifically for running Against the Slave Lords at level with my Cannith guild. I’m going to focus on her specifically because she possesses the main issue I have with the latest update and patch.


Aurrorah gin Citi

This is Aurrorah, she is a level 8 Paladin, and older sister of Aariah gin Citi (found on Thelanis). Aurrorah is a comely, cool, and capable, but leads a life most troubled. She has lost much of what she loves, and struggles every day with depression.

Her depression is not what I am here to discuss, however. Aurrorah has depression because that’s exactly how I created her and want her to be. What I am here to discuss is something very trivial, and you are all quite likely to laugh at me for even caring about this, but here it is:


Ponytails are a paladin’s favored hairstyle!

As you can see from the picture above, Aurrorah has a lovely long braid of straw-colored hair that tumbles down her back. This is also by design. Both Aariah and Aurrorah have been modeled after characters in a book I once tried to write.


Aurrorah concept art

This piece of online art demonstrates the design concept, and illustrates it to perfection.

Now to get to the matters heart.

The latest update seems to have caused a glitch with certain hairstyles. In this case, I refer those hairstyles that deal with ponytails and pigtails.


This is Aurrorah, and she has a problem.

This picture should give some kind of indication of which I refer. Though not moving, her hair sticks straight out behind her, without the addition of any product whatsoever!

The poor dear suffers through her life enough, and adding repeated bad hair days might just be the icing on the cake, or straw that broke the camel’s back, if you will. I plead with the devs and Turbine to please fix this issue so that Aurrorah may have one less issue!

After all, as consistently repeated in many avenues: If it lasts more than 4 hours, please contact your physician.

Update 32: Against the Slave Lords


So Update 32 (U32) was released last Tuesday, and not only did I have a chance to run it a few times, I was able to make the first couple of runs with Even and the rest of the Flower Sniffers of Destiny!

I wasn’t able to get many screenshots, but I’ll spatter what I have in amongst the post so you can see some of what it looks like. They will not have any specific order or placement, though, so bear with me. I will try to remember to take more the next time I go through each area.

Overall Appearance

I cannot give enough props to the people that worked on these areas. They look simply amazing. The models are proportionate and realistic, the skins are detailed and articulate, and every area is just plain beautiful! My personal favorite is the actual lair of the slave lords, where the overall look is of great interest to me, as it is reminiscent of some ancient civilization. Bravo, Turbine. Bravo.


Very nice model and texture work!

My Opinion on the Quests

There are three quests that make up this chain. I don’t remember the names, so I will just refer to them as Part 1 (pt1), Part 2 (pt2), and Part 3 (pt3).

Part 1 is pretty straightforward. You enter the quest, try to avoid the traps, kill the spawns, save the slaves, and loot the loots. However, I did notice some fundamental changes to some minor things. For instance, the shelves and other collectible sources now have more interesting names. Instead of Bookshelf, you get Component Shelf or some such. While this is extremely trivial, the changes tied to it are not. Where you would get basic collectibles from the original sources, you can now get other drop loot as if you’d opened a chest!

In all honesty, this is the type of quest my playstyle likes best. Run in, kill everything, move on. Puzzles slow down completion time, which means that I can do less in the limited time I have to play. Though I know there are others out there that prefer puzzles and the like, and I am glad that the game has such things for their enticement.


Wait… is this Ravenloft?

Part 2 is a little more complex, with hidden doors and puzzles to solve to continue on. I think Part 1 had maybe one puzzle towards the end, and part 2 has one room with at least two puzzles. I don’t usually do so well with puzzles, so this can make the quest take quite a bit longer, but none of them seemed over complicated.


Into the Sewers!

Part 3 was rather tricky. Mirrors and hidden doors and all the other cunning things you’d expect to find in the lair of slave traders. As someone that plays regular melee builds, this type of quest is troublesome, but can be fun in its own right.

Overall, I found the quests both challenging and fun. Aariah would not have been able to finish the quests without the aid of her trusted guild, the Flower Sniffers of Destiny! At least, not on legendary.

Citivyr had a lot of fun rolling through the Heroic content at level 20 (the quests are level 10 on Heroic Elite), so that proved no challenge, but it was more a chance to learn the quests rather than an attempt to overcome obstacles. Citivyr and my guild mate (@rayceroyal on Twitter) look forward to being able to run the quests at level at some point (I do not currently have a character at that level).


My new Wallpaper. 🙂


Now let’s take a look at the new crafting system. This area will be a bit short, as I have not yet done anything with it except for deconstruction.

Those who have been collecting essences from the old system will be able to swap them out for the new essence. When I first heard of the change, I thought there would still be greater and lesser versions, so there would be a 1 to 1 exchange equivalent.

There is no lesser version of the new essence, so when you turn in lesser versions, there’s a 5 to 1 exchange. This means you’ll only get one for every five you hand in, which- being lesser essences- can be completely understood.


Reminiscent of an ancient civilization

The beauty of the new crafting system is that it is far simpler than the previous one, however since you can’t create bound crystals to hand to another player, there seems to be little need for a guild crafter anymore. Everyone will need to level up their own crafter, at least to a high enough level that they can create the effects they wish. This means those on the lookout for the higher effects will have more work than those more concerned about those more basic. Again, totally fair and comprehensible.

Where the issue seems to lie is in the lack of places to get the new ingredients. I’m not sure if they only drop in Legendary quests (seems so to me), but they most certainly do not drop in the Heroic content. Thus, those that run more Legendary and (possibly) Epic content will prosper more than those that run mostly Heroic. This seems rather lop sided to me, but then again, I’m not an authority on this topic, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.


Owlbear rugs! To get your own, contact The Poaching Poacher!

Overall, I’d say that Against the Slave Lords is a success. The quests are fun and interesting, the loot is new and appears to have some good potential. Time will tell if the crafting will work out fine or if it will prove otherwise.

Have thoughts or questions on what I’ve posted here? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

I’d like to take this time to thank Turbine for such a great job on not only the latest update, but the game in general! The game is still going strong even after a decade!

Thanks to you, my readers, as well for your time and attention. I appreciate each read!

Take care, and I hope to see you for my next post!


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