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More on Gear (Levels 10 – 15)

Gear is a topic with which I, even seven years later, continue to struggle. What do I keep, is there something better, how does one learn the actual gear value? When you get to level ten, this becomes an even … Continue reading

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To BB, or Not to BB. That is the Question!

A Beginner’s Guide to Bravery Bonus Continue reading

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Your First DDO Character (Cleric Edition)

The New Player Human Necro Cleric [Author’s Note: This post will be a basic revamp of the Your First Character on DDO post, but with a Cleric Class reorientation.] For my second introductory build, I thought I’d take some time … Continue reading

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Your First Character on DDO

Edit: Removed “Part One” from header to reflect new single post format.   There are many opinions about what your first character in the game should be. Personally, I like the Human Paladin, and I’m here to tell you why. This is purely … Continue reading

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