High Level Gear

Citifus, the outdoorsman

An Examination of Gear From Levels 16 to 20

*Note: At present, I do not have any characters within this level range, so I am forced to use screencaps from characters above level, the DDO Wiki, and other DDO sources.

*Disclaimer: I don’t know much about high level gear, so I will share what I have and call on those I know that are in the know to take what I say and expand.

You’ve gotten most of the way through your heroic levels, and it is time for to re-gear your character for that final push to get through the levels that seem to take forever. For what should you aim, where should you so they can be acquired?

The fact that there is no simple answer is an unfortunate truth.

Much like the mid levels, each build has specific gear that works better than others. Some builds can use similar gear to others, but for the most part each class/ build play varies, and thus: so does its gear.

The basic lessons from my previous posts on this topic are still to be followed, though the properties will need to be updated to be more level appropriate.



Cannith Crafted Gear- As stated above, the properties you’ll want will not change, just the level to which they provide benefits. The best attribute to Cannith Crafted gear is that, provided you have the required materials and appropriate ability, you can get what you need with very little effort. You can even wipe your current items and then re-craft them for the levels required. Ramzes7asit4 has a very useful Cannith Crafting Planner that can be accessed here, and will tell you the precise materials and ability required.

RNG (Random Loot Generation)- Random loot dropped in your quest runs is typically not the best choice, however that is not to say that some of the items aren’t better than named or crafted, and can be useful as a stop-gap.



Named Gear- Named items have the highest chance to gain, and have some of the best enchantments. At level 16, you can start the Lords of Dust chain, which has some good named gear, but the fact that it allows you access to Eveningstar is far more important.


Greensteel- For this level, many players consider Greensteel weapons and items to be the most desired. The process to farm the ingredients is done in the Vale of Twilight, and is long and arduous. However, as they are still quite popular, most players consider them worth the effort.

Lords of Dust Chain- Many useful items can be found within this chain (like the Golden Guile), however time has diminished their effectiveness. Still, since this is a required chain to run in order to get out to the epic levels in Eveningstar, might as well pick up any items from these quests. It is also worth a note to say that these items can be upgraded for further use in epics.

Vaults of the Artificers- The House Cannith challenges can produce some very nice weapons, if you don’t mind the grind. Soloists might find these to be a bit of a challenge, but the gear is very nice!

Shadowfell- The gear found here is of decent quality. I personally recommend the Devil’s Handiwork set.


Aurrorah in Epic Starter Gear

Epic Starter Gear- Once you reach level 18, you can begin the long procession to get  Eveningstar epic level starter gear purchased.

Eveningstar gear is available from traders aligned with the Purple Dragon Knights, Eveningstar Villagers, The War Wizards, and a couple others that should fit almost every build. You’ll need to farm the quests and wilderness areas in Eveningstar. You’ll need to discover which trader provides the ideal gear and farm the respective commendations.


As I’m sure you’re either frightfully confused, or just disappointed that I’ve not given better advice. I ask that any assistance or questions you may have be posted in the comments section below. Any and all help is welcome, so long as it is constructive!

Thanks again for taking time out of your day to read my blog, it is much appreciated! Hope you’ll come back again next week!

Citivyr is ready for action!

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