DDO’s AAA, Part 5 (Epic Levels)

Strimtom’s Acid Arrow Ranger Build, Epic Fail Levels

*Disclaimer: This build is not my own, and upon it I have no claim. All recognition goes to Strimtom for its creation as well as sharing it with the rest the player base.

** Apologies (again) for the late post (again). IRL is a mess right now, which I’m in an attempt to rectify. Blog post schedule may need to change again, but until I know for sure, it shall stay where it is. This post shall be a short one due to lack of time/ subject matter (last of the AAA posts, and there’s not much that changes).

The original thought for this build was that it would never make it through epic difficulties, but as it turns out, you just need a slight shift in playstyle.


Can you run Epic Elite solo? Probably not, unless you’re a veteran player and you’re very well equipped. However, if you’re running with a group, this build does very well. If you want to continue to solo, it is probable that you will be stuck on either Epic Normal or Epic Hard.

So, what can the AAA build do in Epics? If you have epic destinies available, you’ll want to activate Shiradi Champion and take Prism, then get into Double Rainbow asap. This ability gets you improved chances at double shot as well as a seven percent chance at a random effect similar to the past life feat “Colors of the Queen”. There’s a list on the DDO wiki, which you can view hereΒ at your leisure.

If you want a consistent boost to damage, Legendary Dreadnought should your next destiny. If you would like to try your hand at EE difficulties, take a look at Fury of the Wild for some enormous boost damage.


Draconic Incarnation appears to be a fun destiny for this build as well, but I cannot speak to it as it is something in which I have no experience.

Shield spell; be it by Korthos gloves, wand, or some other source- get it, have it, use it. Always. Casters love Magic Missile, and by epics it will cause your rapid obliteration.

Some players will disagree, but I think it is alright to take heroic feats in epic levels. Yes, you have access to some epic feats, but sometimes the heroic ones are just better. Strimtom suggests Combat Archery, Epic Reflexes, and Scion of the Plane of Earth. If you have not already taken Empower Healing Spells and/ or Quicken Spell, this would be where I would stress their importance. They’re not for majority of use, but for when it’s needed. If, by some unfortunate happenstance, you find yourself surrounded by mobs with no hope of escape, and dwindling health, you will find those meta spell feats to be life savers.

If you plan to stay in epics for a while, you will want to use Fury of the Wild as your main destiny, but twist in some abilities from other destinies. Strimtom listed Pin, Whistler, and Rejuvenation Cocoon. If you have some Shadowdancer from either a past life, or you’ve just played epics long enough to put some points into it, try Grim Precision.

Personally, when I play this on a character that has past lives and levels in divine destinies, I always try to find a way to fit Epic Divine Resistence in a twist so that I can take advantage of the massive resistance boost that gives while leveling. I always give it up (resetting your twists is free) when I get enough points to use all of the suggested Destiny twists, but not before! Another of my favorites is Light the Dark, which is basically an area of effect Lay on Hands that both heals and damages undead. Very useful in quests with large mobs of unliving when they surround you, but I admit this is very situational.

Gear is pretty simple in epic levels as well as heroics. You really only need a Thunderforged Longbow, but- as always- the better your gear, the more probable your survival.


And that concludes my look at Strimtom’s Acid Arrow, which I like to call the Arcane Acid Arrow (AAA for short). Once again I apologize for the briefness of this post. I hope to be back to my usual length/ quality of post soon. Until then I thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedule.

Please share your thoughts or questions in the comments section below! I love to hear from my readers, and love to get feedback on how to improve. Have a great day and I hope you’ll come back for the next post!


8 thoughts on “DDO’s AAA, Part 5 (Epic Levels)

  1. Amberscion

    It’s interesting to see your conclusions after you have played the build up into epic content.

    I notice that you’re now talking about grouping, where when we spoke after your first post you said you primarily soloed. Did you ever try out Paralyzing Arrows? I’m still baffled as to why you don’t see the value in this ability, especially when grouping. And your insistence that you can’t get it to land on top of also saying that you don’t play at the higher difficulty levels is greatly at odds with my own experiences taking a 28 point, first life character into mid level (4-6) reapers (with a full group! I would not try this solo at all) and still being able to lock down ~3 mobs consistently. With the junk gear I just found in quests only tempered by buying a few items on the AH when I both found them and could afford them. Paralyzing arrows allows a new character to contribute in this rough environment.

    One of the greatest benefits of running in the Shiridi ED is Nerve Venom. Some combination of Rainbow, Double Rainbow, Pin, and Otto’s Whistler can be twisted in as desired if you’re in some other ED and want those effects. Gated by your available twist points, of course, and the other useful abilities you listed as potential twists.

    Draconic is not a good ED for this build at all. About the only things it has to offer is Energy Sheath and Dragon Breath to try to take advantage of the high acid spellpower, but you don’t bother with crit chance or crit damage in the build so you’d be lacking that or have to try to squeeze it into your itemization. And you can twist in Sheath if you really want it.


    1. Life’s in a shambles atm, and haven’t had time to play much of late, but in the past, I’ve tried Paralyzing arrows on a low-WIS character and it almost never went off, even on heroic content. Maybe things have changed, but I haven’t heard of a huge increase of this going off with a low wis until you mentioned it. I’ll be trying it in the future, so that I can see if the experience is any better. I’m loathe to give up on that much damage, though.

      Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE paralyzing arrows, and would put it in in a heartbeat, but this build is all about damage, first life, new player friendly, and hassle free. I find having to use wands, scrolls, and potions- or any gear that you have to swap- to be a downright pain, mainly because of my propensity to forget I even have it, let alone use it on a regular basis. I tend to forget to turn on Summon Arrows most of the time, thankfully SP’s aren’t a big concern with this build, so if I have to turn it on in a quest, it’s no big deal.

      I do plan on trying the method you’ve suggested on a second or third life character, though. I’m intrigued to see how it plays.

      According to the original post by Strimtom, Draconic is a very good ED to play with this build. For reasons I don’t understand since I haven’t played with DI, yet. Honestly, I don’t really plan to.

      In epics, I don’t really have much of a choice but to group, which is why I don’t plan to play this build in quests of that level. HP pool is just too large for the amount of damage this build does at this level. I still don’t group that much. I have a couple of guilds that I play in on different servers, and that’s the only time I’ll group. I don’t PUG. Ever.

      Again, thanks for checking back on this, and for continuing the discussion! And I have taken your words to heart, I just haven’t had time to test your version yet. I am excited for the opportunity to play this build again with a slight change to it to see how it turns out. πŸ™‚


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