It’s Been a Long Road

Two Beloved Characters Hit Cap.

Citira, fine furniture connoisseur. 

A long time ago, on a server not so far away, Citira was created. She was a first level, first life and knew very little about how to a paladin proper. What the exact month and year of her creation was has been lost to the annals of time, but one thing is for certain: long was the journey.

She has gone through one rebuild after another, as the decision as to which build her useless player wanted to follow became what seemed to be an eternal struggle. Then, one day- though unbeknownst at the time- the right build came along, and it all fell into place. The balance between offense and defense fit perfect.

Which build, you ask, was it that made an average player with an average build begin to excel? The Sacred Vanguard.

Now, you may wonder why it took me so long to get this character from 1 to 30 if the build was so awesome. The answer is simple:

Lack of time.

Citira about to enter a quest in The Night Revels

This is not to say I haven’t played DDO, more than the lack of chance to play on the server in which she resides. Argo is a place where most of my guild mates are overseas, and have lives of their own. Between family, work, and other real life demands, they log in when they’re able, and our schedules don’t always align.

Wednesday afternoon seems to be when fate allows us the best chance to conjoin, though the holidays would at times intervene.

My busiest season out of the way, we were able to run some quests as well as meet some goals out in the Barovian wilderness. Before we began, however, I noted that Citira’s epic experience bar was almost full. This meant that it would not be long before she would be ready to reincarnate.

The question, then, with all points considered, was to what did my wish for her to metamorphosis?

Tourmalina, Arcane Archer build

I could TR her into one of my new favorite builds, the Ranger, able to take out her foes from afar with precision. But no, such a character on that server thus exists.

Perhaps a necromantic cleric, aka a “bad touch” build. Again, no, that is another build of which I am in previous possession.

I could paladin again. Since I have the gear, it would not be such a horrible proposition. The build is familiar, and enjoyed.

Perhaps, however, it is time for new experiences.

For some time I’ve had my eye on a swashbuckler build, but others have urged the warlock and its benefits. We shall have wait to see what I shall decide. For now, there is still the matter of Heart Seed and Token of the Twelve acquisition.

Nobody wants to be near me when I Toot.

Then there’s Citivyr, my main main, the one I spend the most time on, and the one with the most experience. Now that he has two paladin lives behind him, it is time to get the last life finished.

You may wonder why someone would put themselves through three of the same build in succession, but in every life I learned more about the build, which has led me to become a better player.

The builds of the past were never followed to the letter, as there was always another feat or skill I wanted. That, however, led to build imperfections.

This past life was followed very close, though the skills were askew, the build as a whole was much more solid. Survival had increased, as did the damage; feats and enhancements never before used were now a major part of the whole procession.

It had all come together. Everything, that is, except the gear.


ScreenShot00351The quest for gear has always been a challenge. Raids and PUGs were never a pleasant experience, and- for the most part- standard quests don’t provide gear with the same quality. So there I was, stuck in a sub-par gear hell.

Citivyr’s build has allowed some new measure of confidence. The thought of a Reaper 1 quest terrified, but in the case of the two that were run, as they were completed I was left with a sense of pure amazement.

Now in his 3rd paladin life, Citivyr has begun to do some quests which were considered out of his league, and has succeeded. Even “Stealthy Repossession”, with its 6 Kobold Prophet failure.

Citivyr and Carnifex, BFFs

Citivyr has reached level four, with two levels on hold, and the Leveling Guide has been the only true issue. Though it is most like a very good guide, the problem arises when a certain player doesn’t follow it exact.

Quests were done early, or parts were missed and a backtrack needed which made them take longer. Thus, I think I shall go back to my typical leveling technique of hit every quest in the level until cap, or all available have been exhausted.

Either way, I think the entire process shall proceed much faster.


Got any thoughts, tips, advice, or comments you’d like to share? Please feel free to mention them in the comments section below!

Thanks so much for stopping by and partaking of my ramblings. I hope that you’ll return for my next post!

9 thoughts on “It’s Been a Long Road

  1. House of Grouse

    Every build teaches us a lesson even if the lesson is why do something so blooming stupid. As to the swashbuckler I have one but he is my mule on not even hit level 20 yet. I have run 8 or 9 warlocks including test builds so I would be biased as to which one is more fun. I don’t envy you the grind for tokens of the twelve, I have been farming Devil’s assault and currently have 90 seeds and 87 tokens. I have got several toons that can grind the quest as necessary when I want tokens and seeds.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. House of Grouse

        I either have the sonic on a electric loop style bounce around or acid in cone form. The moment something enters your targeting reticle key bash like crazy. I have found it as easy as using the alt firing for rune arms just takes getting use to. Eldritch blast is great but single target and only really good against a boss. For crowd control the acid cone or sonic loop are both effective. Yes you do need a couple of levels, before you get the benefit but if you think warlock like arcane archer to start with until you get up levels it isn’t that dissimilar. Keep your distance and pick your target.


      2. lrdslvrhnd

        That’s one reason why I go cone-lock.. no worry about targeting. Just point and click and blast everything in front of me. The only issues is when I accidentally hard-target something that gets behind me, but that doesn’t happen very often (and mostly when I’m using my burst to blow some boxes.)

        As for swashbuckler, I very much enjoy it.


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