The Complexity of Complexes Born Out of Successes and Failures within DDO

Hey, everyone!

My usual running partners @rayceroyal (Chris) and @imaginaryist (Greg) are off on vacation, and I’m stuck at home because I’m as broke as a mountain’s back. So the first few days of this week, I shall be left to my own devices (read: new characters and slayer/ commendation runs on current toons).

Last week, we made lots of runs out in the Crystal Cove with my new Iconic: Aurrorah. This means I got some really slick items, such as the fully upgraded Stalwart and Cunning Trinkets, as well as a very nice ring for my level 20.

Aurrorah in the Crystal Cove (CC) getting ready to earn some mad lootz!

On Saturday, we ran some 3BC with our level 6-9’s. This was an excellent opportunity for me to let Obsydhia out of the discipline corner (she was bad) so she could help get some guild renown for the #HeMan Woman Haters. Unfortunately, I forgot to take screen caps, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. Obsydhia did make it to level 7 by the end of the day, so hurray for that!

Sunday was a bit more of a challenge, both to get on and play as well as to find someone to run with. By the time I did catch up to @OutofTouch (Jessie) and our other guildie, they were about to run the Battle of Evening Star, which- more than anything- wound up being a test of my patience. First time in, it was less than five minutes before we all died.

Second attempt, however, we played it smarter. I still died 7 times, but I’ve only run the quest one other time on elite. Those drider, necromancers, and- worst of all- champion priestesses hit like Mongo as he knocks the horse out in Blazing Saddles!

Red Weaver, Red Weaver, can we kill and leave'r?
Red Weaver, Red Weaver, can we kill and leave’r?

Red Weaver is the first half of the end boss for the quest. Some sort of spider/ bug thing that likes to only die in a certain spot, so if you kill it, it will run to that spot, then die. Why it needs to run off to that one spot is anyone’s guess.

Little tip when playing this quest: Before you go after the priestesses, make it easy on yourself and pull their subordinates first. Otherwise, it’ll be a long, exhausting fight, and all your lovely pally clickies will get eaten up and you’ll have nothing for the next fight, as the priestess will consume the life force of those around her (slaves, too) when she calls on the power of her Goddess.

Unfortunately, it is hard to pull off this tactic, as the subordinates are tough in their own right, and they love to overwhelm! To make matters worse, they will rise as undead, and you will have to fight them all over again if there are necromancers still alive (or undead).

Needless to say, after the many deaths I experienced over the past few days, any overconfidence I had in my characters, be they epic or heroic, has gone and withered into the abyss.

If anyone is around on a server over the next few days, especially Monday or Tuesday, and wants to join up, let me know. I already have characters on Thelanis, Cannith, and Argonnessen servers, so those servers would give me the best chance of questing with you at your level, but any server works for me. I have veteran status II, as well as iconic character availability, so I can make a toon around those levels, as well.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my ramblings!

Hope to see you in the world, enjoy your day!


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