Lame Excuses

Hey, everyone!

I’m sorry for the delay, and also that this will be such a short post this week.

Main reason: I get too into the game and forget to take screenshots. There, I said it!

So in the past three days, Citivyr- my main on Cannith- has gotten to and above 20th level. As of the time of this writing, he’s 22nd level. The first couple of epic levels went by quickly with all the slayers/ rares/ quests/ etc that he’s been running with the HeManWomanHaters guild (That’s a name, not a philosophy, by the way).

from atop Sschindylryn
from atop Sschindylryn

We got to the gorgeous- albeit dark- area of the Underdark, then onto Sschindylryn whence we proceeded to gather more slayers/explorers/ etc. until our hearts content (or, more accurately, we all got tired and went to bed).

Great times to be had with the HeManWomanHaters guild on Cannith. Even if you can’t/ don’t join the guild, running with us is welcome and preferred!

Hope to see you in the world! Thanks for stopping by!


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