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To Yuan-ti, or not to Yuan-ti? Is that even a question?

Right, so day two of my running mates’ vacation consisted of me trying to just get some more XP in areas where I know I can handle myself (for the most part).

First, I ran Citivyr around in The King’s Forest and The High Road for a bit. Found a dragon (WOO!), a Bandit King, A cowardly Reaver, and- my absolute favorite in that area- some Yuan-ti.

One of my favorite monsters from D&D: The Yuan-ti

One of my favorite monsters from D&D: The Yuan-ti

I enjoy the “rare” mini-quests that are in the Eveningstar wildernesses because not only are they quick, but they tend to give commendations, and I am currently on a PDK commendation hunt!

I’ll need 15 for the sword Oath Blade, which can be obtained by handing in those commendations. After my exploits last night, I have 8, which is about half way to my goal!

Also still looking for the ingredients to make my first +5 Holy Silver Greatsword of Pure Good. I have the blank, the ability, and (most of) the ingredients.

There’s more good news!

To quote Lilo from Lilo and Stitch (my favorite movie):

“I got a new dog!” Behold Caesar!

Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's

Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s

Big thank you to Battle Master Dint for allowing me to adopt this little guy!

That’s all for today! Thanks for stopping by! We’ll see you in the world!


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