The Flaws and Benefits of Interaction with the Superior Amorphous Invertebrate

Many of you can feel my pain. You’re speeding along in a quest you know very well, able to defeat any foe you come across, and WHAM (or THWACK, if you prefer)! You’re surrounded by the bane of every good melee build dependent upon a good weapon: An Ooze Subtype.

Whether it be an actual ooze, or a jelly, pudding, slime, or cube, these creatures have troubled sword and hammer wielders alike. The only real recourse is to carry a weapon specifically to combat such annoyances (or lose your favorite weapon until  you can repair it).

As a paladin- which, if you haven’t been able to tell, nearly all my toons are-, I find these things to be more  than a mere bother. Or at least I had, until recently.

After learning a bit how to craft, I discovered that one can make their own weapons to resist or even be immune to the damage ooze types can cause. Whether it be Everbright, or even farming a muckbane, certain weapons are actually made to be used in such a situation.

What’s more, is that you don’t really want your weapon to be blunt, unless your character is within the early low levels of heroic (I’d say 1-5, or even 10, depending upon the build).

The interesting part is that when you use a sharp weapon like a sword, the some of the ooze subtypes will split! This makes them weaker and not as sturdy as they were in the larger form, but it also makes MORE of them. This makes them numerous, but easier to kill!

There is one more benefit that I’ve not read or seen anywhere else, and I’m about to impart my experience to you. Something that is by far the greatest benefit that I’ve ever come across when battling what could sometimes be called “insufferables”.

Last night, Allbuss and I (each sporting new characters, even though neither of us told the other we were going to make them) took Creagon and Citiara out to Sorrowdusk to knock some Ogre heads around.

We had gotten to the quest where we were to hunt down the last of the Trolls (oh, yeah… SPOILER ALERT! XD), and opened a door to find Black Puddings. This was a surprise to neither of us, and we’d equipped our ready-made weapons for just such an occasion.

As I swung my lovely Everbright scimitar, I noticed not one, but two champion black puddings. I began to be concerned, until the champions split. And split. And split. Suddenly, there were not two, but eight champion black puddings (of minuscule size).

After the battle, we had not one, not two, not three, but four stacks of Mysterious Remnants! One of those stacks alone nabbed me 59 total remnants, and I forget what the others provided. 🙂

So now, when I quest, and I see oozes or jellies or puddings or any of those creature types, it will remind me of the God of Mysterious Remnants, and how  Creagon (Allbuss) and I (Citiara) received his/her blessings!

Unfortunately, I am still not used to thinking about stuff for this blog, and never did get a pic of that awesome experience. Sorry, I’ll try to do better!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my mindless babble! Have fun, and I’ll see you around!


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