On the Presence of Malicious Intent in Underdark Areas

I had a bit of time on my hands as I waited for guild mates to show up so we could run a few quests, so I logged on as Citira and decided to try to do some more quests in Eveningstar.

Headed from the center of town and over to the Eveningstar Cavern, where I promptly entered a portal and began to explore the Underdark.

It did not take long for me to run into some of the more insidious characters within the world underground. First there were drow, then yuan-ti (one of my favorite monsters, by the way)- both abominations and purebloods, and one little guy that I did not expect at all:


I  had no inkling at all that I might run into one of these creatures. Thought hadn’t even crossed my mind, which- in all honesty- it should have. I’ve played D&D for a very long time now.

I was around when this was the newest release from a little company known as TSR:


I remember getting the dice and the booklets and struggling to make heads or tails of it all. I remember having to color in the numbers on the dice, because back then, the dice were not pre-inked. They also had sharper edges and didn’t roll as well as the dice today.
So, that all being said, this encounter should not have surprised me. But it did.

Granted, it was a pleasant surprise, but there you have it. Some of you might ask why I didn’t read up on the area before I went it, but honestly, I prefer not knowing.

I prefer my first time through and area (quest or otherwise) to be as unexpected and interesting as it would be were I actually doing such a quest in real life! After that, I will happily read the quest tips and tricks readily available on the wiki page dedicated for it.

That assumes, of course, that I need to. Some quests are just my style: run through as quick as you can, and bash everything in your way.


Which is exactly what I did to the Purple Worm!

The short amount of time I spent in the Underdark yielded a nice 30k xp, which I was more than happy with. Had I not discovered that there was a stream on at the time, I probably would have stayed in the wilderness of The Underdark longer.

I will probably go back in again soon, since I enjoyed the time I spent, the renders for the yuan-ti and purple worm were gorgeous, as I’m sure was the area itself.

I’d forgotten my underdark goggles back in Stormreach, so I had to try to make the place out as best I could with what I had. 🙂

One last note: if you decide to go in there, and haven’t previously, take some time out from leveling to do so. Not only was the artwork beautiful, but the action was fun and varied, Even for a 23rd level paladin!

Thanks for stopping by to read my random thoughts! I hope you enjoyed yourself, and will stop by again soon!


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