Recent Activities (Thelanis)

Thelanis is the server I’ve been on the most recently. A while ago, I visited Even’s stream and was invited to join her and the FSoD guild to run some quests. Afterward, I was then invited to join said guild, which I did. Since then, I have been running on the server almost every night- save for when I have other plans or just pass out.

So serene…

Our recent activities took Aariah from level 22 to 26, which she just achieved thanks to a run of Jibbers, Raiyum, and… one other quest that I cannot remember.

Even and I take a moment to reflect…

We’ve also been running a lot of quests to get Aariah flagged for raids (also kicking and screaming “NEVAR!”) like ToD, Shroud, and at least one other raid- which I again fail to recall. I will avoid mentioning- in this post as with the two previous-the amount of times the effort to get them flagged caused my death. 😉

Needless to say, these are all raids I have never run before. As I stated in my previous post “Recent Activities (Argonnessen)”, I don’t run raids due to PUGs and how I find them loathesome. However, when the raid is filled with guildies, things seem to just go that much smoother.

Only the truly heretical are willing to dance on an altar… naked.

The FSoD have an odd tradition. When certain quests have been completed, they strip down, and dance upon an altar- an activity most heretical! The reaction this brought forth in me was most delightful. Here’s a small example: *Squeal!*

The not so quiet village, Eveningstar.

Another accomplishment my new Thelanis guild aided in is the final two quests in the Lords of Dust chain (Spinner of Shadows, and Between the Rift), which allowed Aariah to get out to Eveningstar. She already had a key, but was never able to run back and forth between Xendrick and the Forgotten Realms via the portals.

Sschindylryn, City of… dark… things…

We also ran a bit in the Underdark and Sschindylryn. The way FSoD run quests takes far less time than the way I run them. I was amazed at how quick we made it through the entire chain!

 This is the last post in my attempt to cover everything I’ve been doing for the past 6-7 months that I have not blogged. It is probable that I missed a bunch of things I did on each server, but one can always hope!
I am the night. I am VENGEANCE!

From here, my posts will be restricted to one a week, unless enough happens and I feel I need to post. There might also come a time when I post a special blog about some event or another that I consider noteworthy.

Otherwise, my friends- both DDO and otherwise- for now, I shall take my leave. May the gods bless your loot, and your companions aid your endeavors! See you next time!


5 thoughts on “Recent Activities (Thelanis)

  1. I’m hoping that your “May the gods bless your loot” statement will finally convince Jack Jibbers the kobold wraith to GIVE. ME. THAT. DANG. BLADE. ALREADY.

    And for what it’s worth, Aariah’s healery-ness is one of the things that make our guild runs go more smoothly… except for when she clicks the Shroud portal in the wrong spot and wipes us all. *ducks and runs*


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