The Upcoming Expansion: Mists of Ravenloft.

Some time ago, Standing Stone Games announced the upcoming expansion to Dungeons and Dragons Online titled: Mists of Ravenloft.

The news brought excited reactions from players because it was something we’d requested for some time. To hear that we had been listened to was cause to rejoice!

The following will discuss both the benefits and drawbacks of this upcoming expansion, and what it will mean for players.

*Disclaimer: Before I do, I want to make it very clear that I did not play the preview on the test server and this is solely my opinion based on the information given by Standing Stone Games on the DDO website. I have, however, heard VERY good things from friends that did play the test server! Also, I just noticed that Twitter account @DDOUnlimited has posted the release of another test weekend for Lamannia test server, so I may have another post on this next week!

**Further Disclaimer: This post will include very few pictures due to the lack of access to the content. See above disclaimer for update on test server status.


Here’s what’s included with the Ravenloft Standard Edition for $39.99:

  • New Race: Aasimar
  • Survivor Package (Astral Shards and a Supreme Resurrection Cake)

New Aasimar Race


Before anyone that does not understand why such a short list of benefits is worth $39.99, I’d like to remind everyone that every package includes the Mists of Ravenloft expansion itself as well, and word has it this is a HUGE explorer area with twelve (12) quests and at least one (possibly two) raids!

I’d also like to point out that the expansion, new race, and iconic class will be available for DDO Points as of March 2018.

Don’t forget that you OWN the expansion, so even if you have and then drop a VIP account, you get to keep access to the entire area!

The Aasimar race: Very nice. They make great Clerics, Paladins, or any class that benefits from two added points of Wisdom. I’ve held a silent protest over the lack of Aasimar in game for years, and their recent addition has me gleeful!

I’m not sure what the race alone would cost in actual money, but the website claims that when the expansion is available for purchase using DDO points, the race will also be available for 1395 DDO Points.

As a final bonus, a pre-order of any bundle will include everything you see on these lists now, and the expansion launches December 5th (provided there are no delays)!

Survivor’s Package: Astral Shards and a Supreme Resurrection Cake. This will benefit new players the most as those of us that have played for longer than a year likely have plenty of both, but to have them cannot hurt!


Cost: For those tight on finances, $40 will seem a bit of a bitter pill to swallow. This is the most expensive expansion DDO has released to date (if memory serves) and, after the long wait and the built-up excitement, to learn you may not be able to afford the expansion may come as a severe disappointment.

When you have to choose between life expenses and a game expansion, the latter should always lose (though I am witness to opposite views in the gaming community). However, I was given a bit of advice by @DDOCentral on Twitter: Sell some old stuff to make the money and buy whichever you can afford! This is a good point, and if you want the expansion, may be a good solution.

One thing to remember is that one does not need the expansion to play DDO, and unless you’ve experienced it on the test server, you may never know the difference. If all else fails: stay calm, skip the expansion, and carry on.



Here’s what’s included in the Ravenloft Collector’s Edition for $79.99:

  • Aasimar Race and Survivor Package
  • 1 Character Slot
  • Universal Tree: Vistani Knife Fighter
  • Exclusive Barovian Outfit and Hat Cosmetic Armor
  • Exclusive Cosmetic Pet: Black Cat Creature Companion
  • Heroic Level Scarecrow Hireling
  • 30 Day VIP Access Code (Account Specific)


At first, this bundle seems to be the most cost effective. Upon further review, however, the benefits seem to be a bit novelty. Aasimar race is cool, and one can always use more DDO points and Astral shards, but what about everything else?


Aasimar race: I’ve already spoken at length about this above.

Survival Package: Also see above.

Vistani Knife Fighter Universal Enhancement Tree: Though I know little of it, this tree seems to be a solid addition to the bundle, albeit I have no immediate interest.

Heroic Level Hireling: Scarecrow: A permanent hireling that can be summoned anywhere (except in public areas)? Yes, please! I have a 3rd level perma hire, and I can attest to its usefulness. Add in the fact that you can summon them in addition to whatever hires you purchase from the in-game vendors, the value just continues to rise!

30 Day VIP Access: My original thought on this was that it was a solid “con”. After further consideration, the codes can be given away, which changes the my whole outlook! This is awesome because it can be gifted, sold, traded, or raffled! I’ll talk more about this point later in the Ultimate Fan Bundle portion of this post.

Cons: (These are situational, and in such cases are no longer cons)

The Character slot: One. One character slot. That’s it? I understand that one slot can mean the world to someone that isn’t VIP or played a long time and already purchased a slew of them. However, this is literally the only occasion where I can see the benefit, otherwise it seems a bit lackluster.

Also: You can purchase character slots with 625 DDO points and, I’ll admit, I have a reasonable amount. I don’t fill them up with alts, so maybe my situation causes “boon blindness”.

Cosmetic Armor and Hat: Most players will agree with me that your character’s appearance is a solid second next to its effectiveness, however I know there are some out there that care deeply about their character’s appearance. For the latter type, this addition is a boon. For everyone else, this is a con.

Black Cat Creature Companion: (I know I’m going to get a lot of flack from one player  in particular about this, but here is is) There are those that live and breathe for the virtual pets they can have in the game. I know of one personally (and you know who you are), and-again- for those people, this is a boon. In the grand scheme of the game, however, this is a con. To pay for something that doesn’t add anything to the game other than cosmetic bliss to DDO cat owners around the world: MEH.


Here’s what is included in the Ravenloft Ultimate Fan Bundle for $129.99:

  • Aasimar Race, Survivor Package, Character Slot, Universal Tree: Vistani Knife Fighter, Barovian Outfit Cosmetic, Character Slot, Black Cat Creature Companion, and the Heroic Level Scarecrow Hireling.
  • Iconic Hero: Scourge of the Undead
  • Exclusive Vampire Hunter Cosmetic Armor and Hat
  • Exclusive Raven Creature Companion
  • Weapon Aura
  • Five Mirrors of Glamering
  • Shared Storage (10 slots)
  • 60 Day VIP Access Codes


Aasimar Race: Covered in the first package, see above for opinion.

Universal Enhancement Tree Vistani Knife Fighter: See Collector’s Edition thoughts.

Heroic and Iconic Hero Scarecrow Hirelings: These are the same as “Gold Seal” hirelings in that they can be summoned from anywhere in a dungeon, as well as used in combination with a regular hireling. Again, these hirelings are PERMANENT, which means when other hirelings (including the Gold Seals) expire, they are reminiscent of the Energizer Bunny: THEY KEEP ON GOING!

Shared Storage: Ten more slots with which to store your goodies in your shared bank is a very good thing! Whether you are a seasoned player or a total newb, moar storage is a good thing. The only situation where I can figure this can be a “con” is when someone has already purchased the maximum. However, if you have purchased the UFB, that typically means that you bought it for more than the shared storage. If not, then you wasted money on something you could have bought with DDO points, and- in that case- would have gotten more points for your money.

Survivor Package: Already covered in Standard Edition thoughts. Visit/ revisit as needed.

60 Day VIP Access Code: Originally placed in the “Cons” section, further consideration lead me to change my opinion. For VIP’s or those that have already purchased most/ all of the content, this does not provide any benefit at all. EXCEPT: These are codes you can sell/ gift/ trade/ or use on another account! This means that if you had someone that was interested in playing the game, you can give them this code.

If you wanted to recover some of the money you spent on the expansion, you could sell the code(s) for $10 (each if provided in two codes)!

If you wanted to try a game a friend played, and they wanted to try DDO, you could trade for a code from that game!

If you have multiple accounts, you could use it on that account to give yourself Premium Account status (and get all those benefits)!

If you stream you can hold a raffle for those points so that one of your viewers can benefit from the VIP status for a month (or two) as well as the Premium status after, which in turn makes you look like a hero!


Cost: Wow. $129.99 for this bundle is very steep! There are some that won’t think twice about the money spent here, but for me there isn’t a chance in hell this will be my purchase. If you read the Collector’s Edition bundle notes, you know my thoughts on cosmetics. And if you take out the cosmetics from this bundle, there isn’t really enough there to constitute a bundle upgrade.

Exclusive Cosmetic Armors and Hats and Pets: Cosmetics. Reference Collector’s Edition for previous mention.

Weapon Auras: This is just another cosmetic, and falls under the same thoughts as the others: MEH.

Five (5) Mirrors of Glamering: Again, cosmetics. MEH.

Seriously, why do game developers think their players are so hung up on cosmetics?

Don’t get me wrong, I know some players are, but honestly most aren’t; at least, that’s how it seems.

I know, I know, if you are one that loves cosmetics, you’re glaring at me as though I just spewed out a ritual for Asmodeus. You have the right to view me in such a manner, but then again, I also have the right to my opinions of cosmetics. To me, they’re time and money wasted.

My solution: I think the best way to handle cosmetics is to provide more DDO points, put all cosmetics into the DDO store, and allow us to buy them if/ when we feel the urge. That way, those of us that don’t want cosmetics can skip them entirely and use those points for something we do want.

Edit: I have been made aware of another benefit for the Ultimate Fan Bundle that is NOT in the above lists provided: +3 Racial Enhancement Tome, which (as I’ve been told) equates to 9 past lives worth of benefits. This brings the worth of this bundle up quite a bit, but whether this brings the value of this bundle up to its price is up to each individual person.

This doesn’t change original opinion about this bundle, but it may add enough value for others to make the jump.


Ravenloft Bundles


My original opinion about these bundles was as dark and horrible as the realm DDO will bring to their game in a couple of weeks, but as you can see from this post: time has tempered my views. The bundles have some excellent features, especially the VIP codes, new race, more shared bank storage, and hirelings.

This also means that I have changed my mind about purchasing the expansion. I had settled on the “buy with DDO points” option, but

Which bundle should I get?

Which bundle will be ideal for you depends upon your situation.

If you are no nonsense, and just enjoy the game for what it is, you’ll probably be fine with the Standard Edition.

If you like a bit of flair, chances are the Collector’s Edition will suit you best.

If you’re all-in with cosmetics, then the Ultimate Fan Bundle will likely cause you to salivate.

“What do you plan to purchase?”

If the Collector’s and Ultimate bundles didn’t rely so much on cosmetics, then- for me- they might be a legitimate consideration. As it sits, I will purchase the standard, and get the iconic class as a separate DDO Point purchase.

Additional Edit: Regardless of which bundle you get, the fact that Ravenloft has come to DDO is amazing, and I hope it brings everybody an endless amount of enjoyment!


*Further Further Disclaimer: Since I was not able to get the test server up and running on my computer in time to play the Ravenloft content, any and all pictures provided here were stolen from the DDO website. I give no apologies!

*Additional Further Further Disclaimer Reminder: Again, I want to reiterate that any statements provided here are merely my opinions at the time of the original posting. Any additional or changed opinions at a later date will not be reflected in this page.

Thanks so much for your time and patience for this extended post. I know it is longer than I usually go, but there was a lot to cover! I hope you’ll visit again!

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Revels in the Night

Mabar Rises! (Again)


Yes, this picture is from last year. I’m being lazy!

Late October brings Halloween, which- for those that celebrate- means hours of spooky event fun! One such activity is DDO’s own Night Revels! Last year, I went into detail over the event, and which quests my guild and I partook. This year, however, I wasn’t able to play as much with my guild mates, which is unfortunate because of how much I enjoy Halloween and all its dark incarnations.

The few I was able to run were the four short quests: Under New Ravagement, The Kobold’s Newest Ringleader, The Snitch and the Lich, and Haverdashed, along with the newest quest (and one of the banes of my existence): Reincarnation Chamber.


Aasimar: Half Solar (angel), half human. Cleric Goodness!

Another of the features that drew me back to the game was the newest race: Aasimar. This half-breed Angel/ Human hybrid has been in D&D video games since Neverwinter Nights 2, and had long ago taken up the cause to get them introduced into Dungeons and Dragons Online. Though not fully the race one finds in the pen-and-paper game, the fact that they have arrived within one of my favorite games of all time has me absolutely ecstatic!

I have yet to create a character using the Aasimar race, but you can bet that next TR I do will be into an Aasimar cleric or paladin.


Also coming to DDO soon is the expansion Ravenloft. I remember playing the D&D module back when it came out for D&D 2nd Edition. It was awesome and tough, and a whole mess of fun!

The most interesting part of the expansion is that it is going to be an entire area complete with village, NPC’s and castle! There’s also cosmetic armors to make your character look like a vampire hunter, two gold seal hirelings (one of which you only get if you purchase the high end bundle), as well as DDO points and Astral Shards! As I’m sure you can tell, I am stoked for this expansion, as I’m a bit of a nut for horror.

The only down side is that I may need to wait until I can buy it with DDO points, unless I get enough money for the holidays to afford it. Needless to say, I want the expansion NOW!


I would also like to apologize for the late post. I had planned on getting this up Friday night, and even had the text written, but wanted a few screen caps to go along with it, which I forgot to take on a continuous basis.

Thanks for stopping by and taking time out of your day to read my modest blog. I cannot convey my appreciation in full effect, but I can hope these words will suffice.

Hope to see you next week!

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Return of the Citi

A not long time ago, on a server not so far away…

Months ago, as summer began, I found myself disheartened with DDO. As I have done a few times before, I grew tired of the same old grind andtook a break. Unsure of the exact cause, many factors contributed. Whether it was the discontent over the new crafting system (haves vs have-nots), everyone wanting to play nothing but Reaper (and being completely inept at it), or just worn down over playing the game so long, I just didn’t seem to get any joy out of playing DDO anymore.

During my time away, I tried a few games in an attempt to fill the void left by no DDO, and some were quite fun, but things such as micro transactions really destroyed the experience overall. Many MMO’s bog down gameplay unless you either subscribe or spend a fortune buying all the perks. I understand that they’re in the business to make money, but for someone without extra cash, my ability to enjoy the game is very much reduced.


Citiana, my latest archer

Fast forward three months later, and you will find that I have made a full-fledged return to DDO. Mostly due to the fact that I missed the game and the company of the people in the guilds I was in, but also because of an Arcane Archer build I found, and thus far, it is a build with which I have been greatly pleased.

The biggest benefit with the build was the in-depth method in which the build was written. I learned a lot about how to play archers, and that made me quite excited. For me, Information that improves your quality of play is more important than the build itself, and also makes the game even more fun!


Ready, Aim, Fire!

If you’re intrigued as to which build I refer, you can find the build here.

For those that do not already know, I tend to solo quests  (with the help of a level appropriate hireling) due to the schedules of my guild members not matching my own, and I never seem to have much trouble with the quests from level one through seven, but quests level eight and higher tend to prove most difficult.

Thus far, I have gone through most quests with great ease, and have gotten 4/5ths of the way through 7th level with only two deaths. Both involved multiple champions.


Scenic Searing Heights. Volcanoes, hills, ruins, and… Sulatar?

Citianna, my newest Arcane Archer Ranger build, has gone through a bunch of chains, which makes leveling go very quick. Once I got to level Seven, I went out to Tangleroot, spent some time getting slayers, rares, and explorers; followed by the Splinterskull chain.

At present, I am amidst the Sharn Syndicate chain. I’ll admit I do not look forward to the last three quests in that chain. Without either a rogue hire or the ability to disable, my chances to complete these quests is dismal. I may instead run around in the Searing Heights to get Slayers/ Rares/ and Explorers to complete Level 7 and go back later to finish the chain for Favor.


The center of the Searing Heights is a mecca for Sulatar Elves and Hobgoblins!

There we have it. Citi and DDO back together (again), and they lived happily ever after! We hope…


Thanks so much for stopping by, and if you took the time to read my constant rambling, then I thank you even more! I am going to try to refocus on this blog since I have time again. Have a fantastic rest of your day, night, morning, whatever and I hope to see you back next week!


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Sith Girl (A SWTOR Filk)

I’ve taken a break from DDO of late to concentrate on my newest obsession: Star Wars The Old Republic (or SWTOR), and last night while I was running a female Sith character, this popped into my head. It’s a remake of Hall & Oates’ “Rich Girl” from 1977.

Before we go much further, let me apologize for the size of the text of the filk. I copy/ pasted the original lyrics from Google, and they turned out absolutely enormous. Unfortunately, since WordPress got rid of the option to set the point sizes of text, I can’t change it. Sooo… Yeah, kind of stuck with what we got.

For those of you unfamiliar or unable to recall this song, you can watch a video of it here.

Sith Girl

Sith Girl


You’re a Sith Girl, and you’ve gone too far
Cause you know you’re not carin’, anyway
You can rely on your dark force powers
You can rely on your dark force powers
It’s a bitch girl, but it’s gone too far
Cause you know you’re not carin’ anyway
Say dark force, but it won’t get you too far
Get you too far

Don’t you know, don’t you know
That it’s wrong to corrupt what is given you
So far gone down the path
You can be saved if you rein in your wrath
But you’re in love with your wrath, ’cause

You’re a Sith Girl, and you’ve gone too far
Cause you know you’re not carin’, anyway
You can rely on your dark force powers
You can rely on your dark force powers
It’s a bitch girl, but it’s gone too far
Cause you know you’re not carin’ anyway
Say dark force, but it won’t get you too far
Get you too far

Dromund Kaas, covered in rain
It’s so easy to hurt others just to feel their pain
And don’t you know that a love can’t grow
‘Cause there’s too much hate, ’cause you’d rather dictate
For the thrill of it all, oh

You’re a Sith Girl, and you’ve gone too far
Cause you know you’re not carin’, anyway
You can rely on your dark force powers
You can rely on your dark force powers
It’s a bitch girl, but it’s gone too far
Cause you know you’re not carin’ anyway
Say dark force, but it won’t get you too far
Say dark force, but it won’t get you too far
Say dark force, but it won’t get you too far
Get you too far

And you say
You can rely on your dark force powers
You can rely on your dark force powers
ou’re a Sith Girl, a Sith Girl
Oh, you’re a Sith Bitch Girl
Say dark force, but it won’t get you too far
Oh, get ya too far

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Where are they now?

Greetings, everyone!

It’s been a while since there’s been any mention of the status of my characters in DDO, so let’s some the time to do so. Some characters have made some interesting changes, some reached epics, while others still have yet to be played at all (alt-itis is a serious affliction).

Let’s hit up the characters by server.





Citira (Main)- Vanguard Paladin. Though previously run once a week, Citira’s not been logged in much of late due to a mismatch of schedules on the server. Never-the-less, she’s somehow made it to level 29, so hopefully she will see a return to Argonnessen on a regular basis again very soon!




Citifus (Alt)- Archer Ranger. Almost completely dependent on running with guild mates, poor Citifus has been all but abandoned. This is a kept for running exclusively with certain characters in the Thieves Guild on Argo. Now level 11, we called them our “lowbies”, but perhaps we should be saying “midbies”.



Obsydhia gin Citi

Jiaydhe (Alt)- Pale Trapper. Used specifically as a crafter in the old system, Jiaydhe sees no play time of late. She is not very high level as a crafter, so maybe she will see more “screen time” in an attempt to raise said ability.




Aurrorah gin Citi

Aurrorah (Alt)- Vanguard Paladin. Created for the sole purpose of having a paladin at lower levels, and then played during the stream, Aurrorah became a favorite that saw much screen time. As a new idea sparked a new stream character, Aurrorah will stick around for streams when my partner will be unable to make it. Maybe you’ll see her again around Christmas this year.




Citifus (Alt)- Archer Ranger. Much as his Argo incarnation, poor Citifus has seen absolutely no play since reaching level 23. Hope remains to see him more once Citivyr as attained level cap.




Citivyr (Main)- Vanguard Paladin. Back in May, Citivyr became my first character ever to TR. He began again with better stats, and a similar (read: improved) vanguard build from his first life. I am now happy to report he is up to level 27, and rapidly approaching 30. He will stay there for a while, so as to keep a survivable character at epic levels.


[No Picture Available]

Citiryc (Alt for streaming)- Tempest Trapmonkey (to be posted). While talking to a member of my streaming audience, I decided  to invite them to join, and to make a character to start from level one to run with them. Since then however, an even better notion (mentioned below) arose, and so this character was deleted. “Alas, poor Citiryc. I knew him, Horatio. Here lies an alt whose toon I played I know not how oft” (only up to level 4).



Inyta Nadult

Inyta Nadult (Alt)- Necro Cleric. Inyta (pronounced like “Anita”) has seen very little play time of late. She was created because of a desire to play the Necro Cleric build (posted here). She is definitely fashioned after Aariah of Thelanis (see Corresponding section).



Obsydhia (2nd life)

Obsydhia (true Alt for streaming)- Pale Trapper. So a few days after plans were made to run low level characters on the stream with Twitter and Discord user @Ninthpawn, I created a character for said purpose. Only to be sparked by inspiration later!

While searching Soundcloud, the service I use for background music for the stream, for new music to add to my playlist, I came across a treasure trove of great music unusable in the original playlist. This sparked an idea: trash the original character created for the stream, and TR Obsydhia to play the life again! This inspiration was exciting, and before anyone could say “wait, you already…” it was done. Obsydhia is up to level 4 now, and- armed with a better idea of how to be played- ready for her new adventures!



Taenyn gin Citi

Taenyn gin Citi (Alt)- Vanguard Paladin. While guild mates were running low level characters, they called for another alt at their level. The original idea was to not make another paladin, but since the gear was already in the bank just waiting to be used, and it would be a quick build; yet another vanguard was born. It is unclear just how much this character will be played, or even how long it will continue to exist.




Aariah gin Citi (3rd life)

Aariah (Alt, former main)- Necro Cleric. Oldest and Once highest level character on any/ all servers, Aariah spent a long time “in mothballs”. An unpleasant experience caused server hops for a while until a home was found on Cannith, Argo, and, later, back to Thelanis.

Aariah began seeing play time as she joined forces with Maraga, Evennote, and the rest in Flower Sniffers of Destiny. Not long ago, there was a post on how she eTR/TR’ed and started anew as a Tempest Trapmonkey (build yet to be posted). She is doing well, and has reached level 10! Tear of Dhakan on elite was easier than expected with this character. Think she’ll stick around for a while. 😉



Blaese gin Citi

Blaese (Main)- Vanguard Paladin (yes, another one). Blaese is one of my most powerful characters. She has gotten some of the best gear, does the most damage than even Citivyr (thanks to said gear), and has yet to even TR! She is currently level 24, but gains xp in rapid fashion. One thing missing from her life is the paralyzing b. sword that she fell so deeply in love with during her late heroic levels. Alas, in early epic levels the Thunderforged B. Sword with first tier upgrade is far more effective.



Obsydhia gin Citi (Thelanis Incarnation)

Obsydhia (Alt)- Pale Trapper. Obsydhia has not been played since creation many months ago. Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring her out of storage anytime soon.


You can catch my stream here.

You can follow me on Twitter @citiplaysddo.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great one, we’ll see you next time!

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Filk #2: Shavarath’s a Battlefield


Shavarath’s a battlefield

So as I was traversing the planes trying to level Citivyr, I was listening to music when “Love is a Battlefield” from Pat Benetar began to play. At first, I thought this coincidence, but- as Mark Harmon’s character on NCIS is fond of saying- “There are no coincidences.”

Thus, I took it as a sign that “A Filk must be done!”, and what you see here is the result. I hope you enjoy my quirky sense of humor.

In case some of you have not heard the song before, or if you just want to use it as a reference, you may listen to it here: Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benetar

We are flung
Onto this realm, a wasteland
No promises, just demands
Shavarath’s a battlefield

We are strong
We’ll show them all that they’re wrong
They’ve been complacent too long
All of us knowing
Shavarath’s a battlefield

They’re beggin’ us to go, so why don’t we stay
Why do they all act so bad
Would it help them to know
That we stand in their way, and it’s the best fight they’ve had
Of the three, of the three, We’ve chosen our side
And they’re trapped by our blades, and there’s no place to hide

We are flung
Onto this realm, a wasteland
No promises, just demands
Shavarath’s a battlefield

We are strong
We’ll show them all that they’re wrong
They’ve been complacent too long
All of us knowing
Shavarath’s a battlefield

As they’re losing control
We will turn them away
From their forts deep inside
As their bodies get cold
They’ll feel the Wrath of the Flame
Just before they all die
Then as we end our harsh task
And move on from there
We’ll turn our attentions toward
The Tower of Despair

We are flung
Onto this realm, a wasteland
No promises, just demands
Shavarath’s a battlefield

We are strong
We’ll show them all that they’re wrong
They’ve been complacent too long
All of us knowing
Shavarath’s a battlefield

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Stream Schedule

Hello, my intrepid adventurers!

So after a few weeks of trial and error, I think I have discovered a sweet spot time slot (see what I did there?) for my weekly stream!

Yes, now you will have something more to do on your already busy Friday afternoons. I’ll start around 12:00pm CST, which will be right after Friday Afternoon stream on the official DDO Stream channel.

I will keep my viewers updated by posting reminders and updates via my Twitter account @Citiplaysddo.

I am also considering opening another stream for some other games (meaning, I may have to change my Twitch name) such as the Neverwinter Nights line of games from the late nineties/ mid-2000’s.

Please feel free to drop by and say hello! I would enjoy the company. I would also enjoy any advice on how to improve my streams.

I will also post here when/ if I decide to do the second stream, even if it is for a non-DDO game.

I also welcome special guests on my stream, whether they have streams of their own or not.

Once again, thanks so much for your time, and hope to see you in-game or in chat on my stream!

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