What I’m Playing Now

A Look At My Favorite (and Not So Favorite) Builds

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I play on three servers: Cannith all week long, Argonnessen on Wednesday afternoons, and on the weekends Thelanis when I am on late.

I have multiple characters on each server, but the ones I play most on each server tend to be those with which I have the most knowledge/ fun; and let’s face it, knowing how to play your build tends to make for a far greater experience.

I’d like to point out that I prefer pure builds, as splash just seems to take away from the idea of what the class is for me. Do splash builds tend to be more powerful? Yes. However when you focus on one thing, you should be better at it than if you spread yourself out amidst many, and I just find that inconsistent.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the builds and playstyles I use at present. All builds will be title-clickable so it can be viewed in more detail.

Citivyr, Human Sacred Vanguard Paladin 3rd life.

Vanguard Paladin: It should not surprise anyone that to this day I still prefer the paladin class; the Vanguard Paladin, to be precise. Armor Class (AC) is no longer much of a concern as much as Physical and Magical Resistance Rating (PRR and MRR), at least up through Elites, and The Vanguard has it in spades. There aren’t many other classes that can get the same PRR, MRR, Saves, Damage, and Healing and still remain pure.

Playstyle: This build is one of the few “stand in place and do not move” melee builds you will find, and I am sure many players will disagree, but this is how I think it should be played.

Servers: As Vanguard Paladin is my favorite build and playstyle, I have it on all three servers; Cannith, Argonnessen, Thelanis.

Citifus, Elven Acid AA Ranger, 1st life.

Strimtom’s Acid AA Ranger: *I don’t have a build page for this, yet, but it is on the way.* I don’t think it is possible to talk about a build that is easier to play, and that includes Warlock. Here’s why I find it a better build than any ‘lock build: gear. That’s right, gear. Most builds that are “way better” than this require players to run raids and get specific gear in order to make said build proper. This build can be used by a f2p new player, and they won’t waste much time trying to farm the gear required. At level eight, you will farm a Silver Longbow and then get a Ruby of Corrosion for your level, upgrading when you can, and you will have all that is required until you reach epics. Then you farm a Thunderforged Longbow and equip another level appropriate Ruby of Corrosion.

Playstyle: If you’ve ever played Q-bert, that is how you play this build. Your main goal is to fire at your foes from a distance and kite them around until they’re dead, but if they happen to get in close (mobs that don’t spawn or trigger until you’re on top of them), you will find Q-bert (or Mario) experience a boon unparalleled.

Servers: Strimtom’s AA Ranger is so easy and powerful, I had to have it on all three servers as well; Cannith, Argonnessen, and Thelanis.

Aariah, Aasimar Five Step Fire Cleric 1st life.

The Five Step Fire Cleric: I’ve only begun to play around with this build, and thus do not yet have a build page up for it, but I have always enjoyed the cleric class when it is more than just someone to tend to wounds. For a long time, clerics were only ever good as healers, but now they can do Crowd Control (CC), Casted Damage Per Second, or Save Or Die! It is an awesome time to be a cleric. The Fire Cleric focuses on spells and Spell Like Abilities (SLAs) to damage their foes.

Playstyle: Though this build uses Crowd Control (CC) from time to time, this build excels as another distance killer/ kiter, and tends to “Mario/ Qbert” a lot when in close combat.

Servers: As the Fire Cleric is a recent build for me, it is only on one server at present; Cannith.


Thought I would include some of the builds I play less often, or played once and have since abandoned.


Pale Master: Once a hybrid of Rogue and Wizard known as the “Pale Trapper”, this build has shown it is far better in the current game as a pure wizard. Just remove the rogue levels on the build page and replace them with wizard, and adjust for the extra wizard levels. Though it loses its ability to disable traps, open locks, and evasion, the amount of damage it can do is maximized. This build focuses on necromancy, but is a combination of the Pale Master and Archmage enhancement trees. This build no longer sees much daylight, and yes, that pun was intended.

Playstyle: This build was mainly built to zerg/ Save or Die the weaker foes, and DoT bosses. Use DPS SLAs early, swap to Web/ Firewall at mids, then become a roving death machine when you start to get spells and SLAs from the death domain. Mazimize/ Heighten/ Quicken will be your greatest allies.

Servers: I have characters on all three servers with this build, but almost none of them get played; Cannith, Argonnessen, Thelanis.

No Screencap for Warlock.

Goolock: The Goolock, or Acid Warlock, is a build through which I struggled. I tried some levels with this class, and I died more often than I ever did with any other class. Many people swear by warlocks, but for me it has been a pass. I found the fire rate of Eldritch Blast and Chain far too slow and the damage just as weak.

Playstyle: a TON of “Qbert/ Mario” playstyle here, but with very little reward. For those that wish to defend the class, save your breath. I’m sure that I just didn’t play it right, but- as with all arcane builds- I’m just not compatible.

Servers: I no longer have any characters on any servers with this build. It was an across the board deletion.


So, there you have it. All the builds and playstyles I have used in the past year. Not much different from what I’ve played in years past, but that should come as no surprise. The key factor for me in most builds is survivability. You can deal out a ton of damage, but- as is stated by many players across the servers- the amount of damage you deal while a Soul stone is always zero.

Feel free to respond or ask questions in the comments section below!

Thank you for your time and continued patronage!

4 thoughts on “What I’m Playing Now

  1. House of Grouse

    We all have our favourite play styles and while I have tried every combo at heroic level some are just so much more fun. For me Savants are my favourite and Air Savant tops the lot. I play with water as my secondary and take sonic spells if I don’t see anything better. The new shocking forum post has become an essential but I only had time to farm one and that was enough, next time I may aim to get caustic for my earth savant. So yes we all have favourites even though we have to play all classes at least once for the completionist. Different strokes for different folks and that is what makes the game fun.

    I would say haven’t got time to play on more than one server.

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