Citivyr, the Third

Citivyr’s Third Life Reminiscent of His Second.

Citivyr laid the rare wooden heart-shaped idol upon the altar then let his arms rest at his sides as he took a step back. The large, black plates of his armor clinked as they reset to their proper position.

He spoke the words taught to him long ago, and at once the room was filled with a glow that caused his nerves to go tranquil. He’d seen this light once before, when last he fulfilled the ritual.

Citivyr raised his gaze from the floor, and before him stood an orb that despite its inner light reflected his own visage. Pale green eyes stared back at him in stark comparison of his hair, which was a deep shade of crimson.


“Citivyr of the Sovereign Host,” the voice seemed to emanate from all corners of the room, “why is it me you invoke?”

“Life-Shaper,” Citivyr started, “I wish to utilize your special service.”

“You ask,” asked the Life-Shaper, “to be reincarnated?”

“I do.” Answered the warrior.

“Why” the orb asked, “do you ask this of me?”

“I feel,” Citivyr responded, “that it is time to start anew.”

“I will remind you,” the light within the orb flickered as it responded, “that, once done, what you ask cannot be undone.”

“I understand.” Citivyr answered as a smile splayed across his lips. “I’ve done it before, and am familiar with the nuances.”

“Quite.” The orb quipped, and its internal light increased to the point that Citivyr had to shield his eyes lest he be blinded. “May your new life be as prosperous as the current, and bring you the fulfillment you desire.”

Citivyr wakes up after reincarnation

Citivyr woke to find himself draped in thin and tattered rags. The sound of nearby waves felt familiar as they and the sand of the beach crashed and the sun glared down upon him, intense upon the exposed flesh.

He stood and surveyed the familiar scene, the shore littered with flotsam. He remembered that the ship that bore him had been attacked by a dragon, and these soaked and broken pieces were its last vestiges.

“Ah, you’re awake!” Came a thin, cheery voice. “Can you move?” “Hoy, you’re not undead, are you?”


Citivyr, my main character on my main server, has finally gotten to a third life. My choice to keep him a Paladin was based on five main reasons:

  1. Build and instructions for how to play already at my fingertips.
  2. Mostly geared, just need a few odds and ends.
  3. Very few people play paladins
  4. The class is enjoyable.
  5. Very good for solo.

Though the thought to play a warlock had occurred, I need to investigate, study, and learn how such a build should be played. I just did not yet feel comfortable.

The first levels were so easy I had to check to ensure I was even on Elite. I’m talking so easy that I even tried a couple of quests on Reaper. Somehow I survived to completion, but was under far more stress. I’m not sure if the reason I had such an issue on Reaper 1 was because I need to learn how to play reaper differently or the fact that in one quest I got three reapers.

Korthos at last! Now… where to next?

I tried to use a leveling guide at one point, but I found that I did the quests on the list before I was supposed to, and that made the entire process worthless.

As I advanced in levels, I found the problem became more and more of an issue. I’d reach the next level and look at the guide only to find I’d done about half of the quests on that level’s list on the last. As one can imagine, eventually I just surrendered.

Once I reached level 8, I gave up the guide and just did every quest I could that was two levels below and I found leveling to be far more enjoyable. Another advantage that made things more fun was that the quests had begun to provide more of a challenge.

Level nine was where I’d caught up to some of the characters run by members of my guild. Once I reached ten, we decided to run quests out in Barovia since they provided some good XP, and the weapons compared to crafted or farmed seem to be far superior.

Now that Citivyr has reached level 11, I plan to continue the quests out in Ravenloft and then return to Stormreach when those are finished. Tor is just too good to pass up, both in experience and gear. Perhaps I’ll even find a way for The Crucible to be completed!

Citivyr’s ready for action!

Got any quick level solutions you’d like to share with my readers? Respond in the comments section and let us know!

As always, thanks so much for your time. Hope you’ll come back again next week!


19 thoughts on “Citivyr, the Third

  1. House of Grouse

    My Paladins are still parked, while I understand how to play them I have the 3 toons I want to focus on and only one will live even one Paladin life. However if you know the class inside out then yes makes perfect sense to run another. Triple completionist in the making?


    1. Doubtful, as there are classes I don’t like to play at all, but one never knows what will happen in the future. Paladin past lives add healing, and Paladin epic past lives add PRR, which is what I’m after. πŸ™‚


  2. We always just work through the quests on the Quest Panel, avoiding the few we don’t like (Stealthy Repossession comes to mind). We are normally running them below level until we hit around level 6.

    Never had a problem finding XP doing that, always usually have a level banked from around 7 πŸ˜‰


    1. I’ve been wondering about banking levels. The general attitude towards doing so seems mixed. I’m also not used to saving levels since I’ve only just gotten my first third lifer. Thanks for the advice, seems to pretty much match up with what I’ve learned, so provides some reinforcement.


      1. lrdslvrhnd

        I generally bank levels when there’s still stuff I want to do… and take the level when I run out of stuff I want to do, or no longer earn any XP. Thanks to Reaper, the latter doesn’t *necessarily* happen when I cap anymore.


  3. lrdslvrhnd

    Good storying! Maraga did three monk lives in a row for similar reasons… especially already having the gear and knowing how I want to play her. Currently contemplating my next lives, and paladin’s on the shortlist for the hamp lol


      1. lrdslvrhnd

        There are also the stat points and skill points. Sure, it takes 33 lives, but +13 skills, +13 stats (counting the autogranted Racial Completionist feat for +2 skills & stats) and +11 free AP (and there’s some good stuff in most racials) is nothing to sneeze at.


  4. Shindurza

    Actually trying the completionist route myself…and I’m not a melee person so I have been reincarnating as melee to get them out of the way. Then again, I tribox the game so I’ve run a wide variety of toons at the same time. My main has 1 Wiz, 1 Bard, 1 Monk, 1 Fighter and is now on the Barbarian life. Paladin is next, the difference is I actually like Paladins. My first toon ever that I rolled up on Orien is a Paladin.


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