Thoughts on Ravenloft

Castle Ravenloft

Random Useless Notions on the Recent Expansion

The original idea behind this post was to be about gear for characters between the levels of 10 and 15, but with the acquisition of the newest DDO expansion “Mists of Ravenloft”, I figured something based on it would be most beneficial.

I had decided that I would stick with the basic bundle, as the majority of what was offered I considered “fluff”, by which I mean cosmetic items/ companions. The raven, the cat, the two outfits, and the weapon aura all gave little encouragement to spend extra money.

The benefits I was most interested in were the hirelings (levels 10 & 30), and the Aasimar race as a permanent fixture due to the purchase. The area was what mattered most, of course, but it is always nice to have another racial option as well as help for solo adventures in the form of extra bodies.

For the Night is Dark, and Full of Terrors

My choice did not matter in the end, as it was purchased for me as a gift, which still has me baffled. I was given the biggest bundle, and any/ all my protests were stifled.

So, Ultimate Fan Bundle codes “in hand”, I claimed my very own Ravenloft-based goodness though the way the bundle cosmetics were handled has me rather perplexed.

On to the core of the expansion, Ravenloft itself.


Initial Quest:


First off, I don’t recommend doing the quest to get to ravenloft alone on elite.

I tried this and was squashed in short order, thus I recommend the hard difficulty for non-elite solo players, even in heroics. Unless, of course, you’re one of the players that can solo Reaper modes with little to no issues.



My favorite “event” in Ravenloft includes waves of zombies. #ZombieApocalypse

Once you have gotten to Ravenloft, don’t be surprised by the fact that the wilderness is shown in its entirety on your map. Not sure if this is by design, or was just missed and will be missed later.

Also, the rumors are true: Ravenloft wilderness is an overwhelming expanse!

There are plenty of explorers and slayers, but the rares-which bring an “easter egg hunt” feel to every wilderness- have sparse spawn points, and the chance of no spawns could mean hours of your time wasted.

Still, some people (myself included) will enjoy the wilderness for those exact same reasons. For punishment, as they say, we are all gluttons.


Sentient Weapons:



I’m still torn on this idea. On one hand, it is new concept that may bring old players back, and new players to the fold. On the other, the intermittent chattering of a weapon that has only one of three (initial) personalities can grate on the nerves. Thankfully, you can mute the weapon’s voice if you do get perturbed.


Free Weapon:

Talk to this guy, he’ll hook you up!

The first time out in the wilderness brings with it a sweet reward in the form of a free Barovian weapon! This thing is sweet! It is silver, has a lot of properties that are great for hunting undead/ lycanthropes (werewolves, etc), and since it is named, can be used as sentient jewel fodder if you already have a better weapon! I could go on and on about this free item, but that perhaps is not the best course of action.

I have yet to test if you’re able to get a weapon in epics if you received one in heroics, so not sure if you should grab that heroic version or wait for the epic. If it considers heroic and epic versions seperate, like most wilderness areas, then you should be safe.



The one thing that I feel that the Devs got 100% right was the music. If you enjoy many forms of music, you will just love the Romani feel brought on by the expansion’s score. It is typical for me to play DDO with the music off or low because other music is preferred, however Ravenloft will continue to be the exception.



As usual, wilderness isn’t much challenge when you’re at level.

It is unfortunate that I have not been able to spend more time in this expansion, as I cannot really speak to this topic. I have gone through one quest, and a majority of the wilderness, but that is the extent of my experience. I shall leave this topic for other, more knowledgeable players.

The one thing I can say about the difficulty is that the initial quest borders on ludicrous.


Models/Textures/ Shading: 


I cannot express how delighted I am over  the graphical nature of Ravenloft. Every visual aspect of the expansion has me impressed. Some of the creatures can look a bit cartoonish (Vargouille, I’m looking at you!), but that has more to do with D&D and its the nature of its creatures.



Is the expansion worth the $40 price point (basic bundle)? Yes, without a doubt. The Devs have outdone themselves with Ravenloft, and it was well worth the wait. Should you go out and get it right now if you have not already done so? Yes, without a doubt, though not at the cost of your ability to feed, clothe, and house yourself. As always, real life over virtual!


9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Ravenloft

  1. House of Grouse

    As a purchaser of the ultimate bundle I have enjoyed the whole experience immensely. I think the whole feel is brilliant and I have had to control my urges as I would not have come up for air until Xmas. I will get all those rares if it kills me. I do have one toon with over 3000 kills and have done two thirds of the quests. The size of the area and quest is just brilliant. One word of warning the castle is massive and take a note of what floor you are on.

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      1. House of Grouse

        You have no need to raid to have those issue. An Invitation to Dinner quest 3 is in the castle and I got lost 5 times. The two hours plus I spent was a lot to do with that, Quest five A Raven at the Door is also in the castle and not a raid. Only got lost twice and I guess that is partly because some of it appeared familiar. I stopped there as I had three reincarnations to do this weekend and debating a fourth. But it is fun, word to the wise on Invitation be very aware when you first speak to Strahd myself and 4 hirelings wiped on heroic hard.

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  2. I’m seriously loving Ravenloft. Was lucky enough to get the primo version as a gift (probably not from the same person you did 😜), would have bought it anyway. The wildy, the quests, the music, the incredible voice acting, and OH YES the cosmetics! The outfits are gorgeous and I love my new raven, but oh that black kitty – they actually came up with a pet that makes me happier than a dretch one would.

    That said, I still want a dretch. And now I also want a flaming skull, crawling claw, shambling mound, amber golem, and death slaad.

    But yeah. Major props to SSG. Probably the best expansion so far.

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  3. Into the Mists (initial quest): Yes, elite can be quite…brutal (both heroic and epic/legendary versions), especially if you’re running away from one encounter and managed to pick-up another, or two…or six. But if you just want to get through and not be bothered by the (1) potential chest (not counting possible remnant chests, of course), just make a mad dash down the road and ignore everything.

    Wilderness: I’m pleasantly surprised by the lack of the ubiquitous “fog of war”. An area this huge really doesn’t need one. Maybe it’s a side benefit of the mists? With so many small, isolated villages, it’s a nice change to not have to worry about clearing the entire map (oy, that could take days, if not weeks).

    Free Weapon: From what I understand, yes, you get ONE in heroic and ONE in epic/legendary mode, per life. The legendary one is a sentient weapon (ML 29, I believe) and the heroic version is ML 10. Well, to be more correct, in legendary content, you get a weapon AND a sentient jewel to slot – but you can actually slot it in any weapon that accepts sentience – you don’t have to slot it in the Barovian one.

    Music: I have one, but only one, criticism – in one of the quests, the narration says something about an organ beginning to play ominous music (or something like that) and…nothing. I was extremely disappointed that the opening bars (at the very least) of “Toccata and Fugue” were not heard. I mean, come on – it’s about as iconic a piece of music associated with Gothic horror as there can be and they left it out????? Especially with the dialog lead-in??? INCONCEIVABLE!!!

    Over all, SSG did a great job. I hope they plan on continuing to add to it. And while I have no idea how it could be done ‘properly’, the one end-boss I would love to see added is a brain-in-a-jar. And I’m not just saying that because the one sitting on my shelf told me to…


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