There’s Something About Delera(‘s Tomb)

Adventure Pack Highlight: Delera’s Tomb

Delera’s Tomb Loading Screen

First off, let me apologize for the lateness of this post. I started putting it together early in the week, but things didn’t work out, and now it’s late due to my indecision.

You see, I began this post as an attempt to give a list of easy to acquire gear for new players around the levels Four (4) to Nine (9), and wound up realizing there was no such thing except for the random loot gained from chests and end rewards. It became obvious that that would not make for a very good subject, since the possible variations were endless, and there was no such thing as a guarantee.

Instead, I decided to take this opportunity to highlight one of my favorite adventure packs in DDO; Delera’s Tomb. There are many reasons why this pack has long been one of my favorites: Great XP, interesting story, fun quests. However, I think the biggest reason that players continue to visit Delera’s Tomb is the great loot!

Delera’s Tomb


Not only does the quest chain have many chests that may provide players with some nice items, but the end rewards for the level range are some of the best. This is especially true for new players or those that never took a shine to the game’s integrated Cannith Crafting, which not only needs many ingredients, but sports a bit of a learning curve.

Thus, I have stuck to End Reward gear for this list as the chance to receive the desired item does not balance on the chance of a rare spawn or hard to acquire/ open chest. I make no pretense that these items are better than Cannith Crafted gear.

You can find all the information provided here and more on the DDO Wiki.

You should trust this guy, he’s totally not shady.

That said, here’s my list:

  • Carnifex: Greataxe with amazing damage capability and even better critical hit profile. Two-Handed Wielders will get the most use out of this item, however any character with the ability/ UMD to use Master’s Touch spells or scrolls will also enjoy this weapon’s capability of destruction!
  • Voice of the Master: This trinket is undoubtedly the most valued. Once equipped, the Voice of the Master provides its wearer with an additional five percent to ALL experience (+5% XP)! This is the only item on the list that is a guaranteed drop. I recommend it to any/ all players, even if you have to run the chain a second time because you found something else you want that does not have the same guarantee. Five percent may not sound like much, but when you add it all up this item becomes necessary!ScreenShot00334
  • Serpentbranch: Longbow, 1-6 poison damage, one red augment slot, one purple augment slot. I love this bow. This is great for sixth level archers, or characters whose ranged attacks need a little extra damage.
  • Boneshard Flute: Necromancers and characters that use simple weapons love this club. It has a better damage profile (1.25), +2 magical enhancement, and three uses per rest of Command Undead.
  • Devotion: These handwraps are a good option for a monk or monk/ cleric multiclass, as they come with a +3 enhancement, devotion 48 to aid in healing spells, and a red augment slot. The only real detraction is the alignment requirement.ScreenShot00329
  • Obsidian Dagger: Bad touch casters such as the Pale Master will enjoy the benefits of this dagger. It has +3 enhancement, a better damage profile, 48 equipment bonus to nullification (necromancy) spells, and both a Red and a Purple Augment (can be used as a Red or Blue) Slot.
  • Sparkstriker: Wielders of heavy picks will like this item. Sporting the popular better damage profile of 1.25, Sparkstriker is made out of adamantine, which will bypass metallic damage resistence. This weapon also has the Shockingburst quality, as well as a red augment slot.
  • Delera’s Vestment: Delera’s Vestment is a +4 robe with a +4 bonus to charisma, and a blue augment slot. Many Charisma-based builds that can’t or don’t wear heavy armor (like the Warlock) will find much use out of this robe.ScreenShot00332
  • Rusted Shirt: This chain shirt grants a +3 bonus to armor class, as well as a +2 bonus to Constitution (that’s another point of health for each level while this item is worn), and a blue augment slot. As a light armor, this can be used by Rangers and Rogues to great effect.
  • Silverflame Hauberk: A +3 half plate armor piece that provides a devotion bonus of 48, as well as a blue and clear augment slot.
  • Wrath of Siberys: This is a very nice heavy steel shield with a +3 enhancement, +4 to reflex saves, a constant passive Lesser Heroism bonus of +1, 3/ rest Blinding Flash clicky, and a purple augment slot. I have used this on Paladins, since once they reach level 8, I can socket in a Sapphire of Heavy Fortification (+100 to Fort, which protects against critical hits).ScreenShot00331
  • Coronach: Rune arm with Light Spirals, Life Shield, Rune Arm Imbue of Light II, and is craftable. I don’t use runarms, so I won’t pretend to understand what any of that means, but it sounds impressive.
  • Golden Cartouche: This necklace provides a +2 bonus to Intelligence, a +3 bonus to Use Magic Device (UMD), and a Yellow Augment Slot! Perfect for a wizard, rogue, or any character that could use +3 UMD (hint: all characters can use +3 to their UMD).
  • Sigil of Stormreach: Ring with +2 Charisma, +5 Diplomacy, and the much sought after Green Augment Slot (allows either yellow or blue augments). This would be a great addition for either a Cleric, Paladin, or even a Warlock that didn’t want to replace their armor with Delera’s Vestment.ScreenShot00326
  • Trapsmith’s Toolbelt: Though you can Cannith Craft better options, new players with rogues or artificers, or those that aren’t able to craft, may find the +7 to Disable Device handy. If their character happens to be a Warforged, the +7 to Repair is nice, too. This item also has a Blue Augment Slot, in case said player finds just such an augment in their possession.


There are many more options available to players within the Delera’s Tomb, but I find that these offer the most benefit with little to no penalty to new players. If you have any questions or even something to add to my list, then by all means do so in the comments section!

Thanks for stopping by and for the time you took out of your day to peruse my rambling. Have a great day, and I hope to see you back next time!ScreenShot00327




5 thoughts on “There’s Something About Delera(‘s Tomb)

  1. It might be worth it to add that the Voice of the Master is a guaranteed drop – it will always appear in the end reward list, whereas the other’s may not. So, even though you do want the Voice of the Master (note that was not a question), if you really want one of the other items and it drops, TAKE IT! And then just re-run the Delera’s chain to get the Voice.

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    1. Verily this is so! I plan to tackle that issue when I do the next level range (10 – 15). Typically, I play Vanguard Pallies, so when I hit level 10, I switch over to S&B, but this is very good info. Thank you!


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