Return of the Citi

A not long time ago, on a server not so far away…

Months ago, as summer began, I found myself disheartened with DDO. As I have done a few times before, I grew tired of the same old grind andtook a break. Unsure of the exact cause, many factors contributed. Whether it was the discontent over the new crafting system (haves vs have-nots), everyone wanting to play nothing but Reaper (and being completely inept at it), or just worn down over playing the game so long, I just didn’t seem to get any joy out of playing DDO anymore.

During my time away, I tried a few games in an attempt to fill the void left by no DDO, and some were quite fun, but things such as micro transactions really destroyed the experience overall. Many MMO’s bog down gameplay unless you either subscribe or spend a fortune buying all the perks. I understand that they’re in the business to make money, but for someone without extra cash, my ability to enjoy the game is very much reduced.

Citiana, my latest archer

Fast forward three months later, and you will find that I have made a full-fledged return to DDO. Mostly due to the fact that I missed the game and the company of the people in the guilds I was in, but also because of an Arcane Archer build I found, and thus far, it is a build with which I have been greatly pleased.

The biggest benefit with the build was the in-depth method in which the build was written. I learned a lot about how to play archers, and that made me quite excited. For me, Information that improves your quality of play is more important than the build itself, and also makes the game even more fun!

Ready, Aim, Fire!

If you’re intrigued as to which build I refer, you can find the build here.

For those that do not already know, I tend to solo quests  (with the help of a level appropriate hireling) due to the schedules of my guild members not matching my own, and I never seem to have much trouble with the quests from level one through seven, but quests level eight and higher tend to prove most difficult.

Thus far, I have gone through most quests with great ease, and have gotten 4/5ths of the way through 7th level with only two deaths. Both involved multiple champions.

Scenic Searing Heights. Volcanoes, hills, ruins, and… Sulatar?

Citianna, my newest Arcane Archer Ranger build, has gone through a bunch of chains, which makes leveling go very quick. Once I got to level Seven, I went out to Tangleroot, spent some time getting slayers, rares, and explorers; followed by the Splinterskull chain.

At present, I am amidst the Sharn Syndicate chain. I’ll admit I do not look forward to the last three quests in that chain. Without either a rogue hire or the ability to disable, my chances to complete these quests is dismal. I may instead run around in the Searing Heights to get Slayers/ Rares/ and Explorers to complete Level 7 and go back later to finish the chain for Favor.

The center of the Searing Heights is a mecca for Sulatar Elves and Hobgoblins!

There we have it. Citi and DDO back together (again), and they lived happily ever after! We hope…


Thanks so much for stopping by, and if you took the time to read my constant rambling, then I thank you even more! I am going to try to refocus on this blog since I have time again. Have a fantastic rest of your day, night, morning, whatever and I hope to see you back next week!


11 thoughts on “Return of the Citi

  1. I just noticed that your Pale Trapper Build blog post doesn’t have a Reblog button. Can you add a Reblog button to the post, along with any other posts that lack that feature? I would like to reblog everything here to DDOCentral over time.


  2. For most of my solo toons, I have 1-level of rogue, for just such situations you lamented about (Sharn Syndicate). And while that would slightly diminish the Strimtom build, it should still be viable. I typically start off as Rogue (for maximum initial skill point distribution), then move off to other class. And, yes, I do have a Rog/Rgr toon I’m working on (slowly) on Argo (though not currently spec’d for the Strimtom build). Of course, most of my toons are also human (that 1-extra skill point/level comes in handy), with an INT score of 16 (3-more skill points – yay!), so even my 1-Rog/19-Ftr toon is able to handle most (if not ‘all’) elite-level traps (can’t always see ’em, but once found can usually disable ’em…eventually).

    Just sayin’…


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