The Quest(s) for Things ‘n’ Stuff!

Most of you probably do not know me very well, but I like words, and those that do know me will attest. Word play, puns, irony, obscure words, etc, all lead to some form of enjoyment.

So some of what I enjoy about DDO is the aspect of place or quest or even npc names and their double/ hidden definitions or references. That is why I feel I must continue with that trend when I get something new that I am able to name.

In this case, I refer to the little ghostly beholder known as the Doomspherelet Pet.

Before I get too into my whole naming sequence routine, let me back up a bit and explain things from the start.

In my last post, I announced the commencement of this years version of The Night Revels, which is a festival that celebrates the spirit of Halloween as relates to the american traditions of “trick or treating”, costumes, and even the darker side of human nature.

The goal of the whole festival is to run in a public area and destroy the undead as they rise. As you do, your character will receive Darkest Chocolate candy and the occasional Night Revels Key. One can spend a short period of time throughout the public area and get many keys, or- at times- the exact opposite.

Once you have a key, you can choose to run one of six quests. Each quest offers something in the way of varied amounts of treats with a distinct Halloween inspriration. Those treats can be collected and, when the correct amount of each treat required is reached, you may then use said treats to “cook” yourself an item that may only be attained through this festival.

The items on my Festival “must have” list are as follows:

My Doomspherelet cosmetic pet, Eyescream

Doomspherelet Cosmetic Pet (notice the name, we will come back to that later!)

Reaper cosmetic armor

Reaper cosmetic armor

Reaper cosmetic armor and helmet

Reaper cosmetic helmet


Night Cloak (level 4)


Night Cloak (upgrade to level 16) [Upgrade in progress]


Night Revels Festival Augments [Work in progress]

That, my dear friends, is the current state of my Night Revels affairs. Thanks for the stop and the time spent reading my post. You have my wholehearted appreciation!

Please stop by again!

3 thoughts on “The Quest(s) for Things ‘n’ Stuff!

  1. I’m crashing early tonight after an awesome weekend of performing in Rocky Horror and spending quality time with friends, but I should be back on tomorrow night if you want to do some farming on Thelanis. 🙂


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