Player Update

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Earlier this year I mentioned in Twitter that a possible change was coming in my life, and that I would update everyone once more details were discovered. I’d gone to my boss and asked if I could change my entire work schedule (nights to days, as well as which days I would have off).

Since I hadn’t heard back, I’d assumed those suggestions had been disregarded and and sought out players on other servers to join in our favored activity, since it seemed that my schedule would remain in stagnation.

I’d also decided that I should increase the frequency that I updated this blog, going from once a week to three with the intention of updates on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, effectively allowing for an update a week for each server group.

Unfortunately, my new schedule means I would miss out on one of the guild nights, and the update schedule of this blog is skewered.

Now that these changes have been implemented, I find myself with the undesirable task of informing my friends of this change, and trying to find a new time I can join them, since guild night will no longer be viable.

I can only hope that everything works out, and that I’m able to continue playing my favorite game with the people that enjoy it with me.

See you all around! Take care, and enjoy whatever it is you do!


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