Recent Activities (Cannith)

Of late, things on Cannith have not gone as well as I’d hoped. Our guild has hit a scatterpoint, in which everyone has been caught up with one IRL thing or another. Some are dealing with personal issues, while others have found a new job and have not the time to play as they once did.

As for me, my work schedule changed, so I am unable to be home and online when my guild members are. Thus, I don’t see much of them. Monday and Tuesday night I typically see @rayceroyal, sometimes on Sunday I get to see one or two others, if I get home in time and don’t immediately crash.

They say to let sleeping dragons lie… but this one’s dead.

One thing I did get to do is solo Mired in Kobolds with my second life paladin, Citivyr. This was more of a challenge than I was expecting, because I didn’t read the wiki thoroughly enough to learn that sometimes the optional gets bugged, and you can’t destroy the crystal. I won’t bore you with the details of how long I spent trying to figure out what I needed to do, but suffice it to say I eventually gave up and decided to continue with the remainder of the quest.

I reached the end with little to no trouble, and fought the first (yes, there’s more than one) boss, a young black dragon. I had little trouble with this, thanks to my AC, MRR, and PRR. When the second and final boss dropped, I met her head on. I used much of the same tactics that allowed me to prevail in my previous battle.

Needless to say, the final black dragon fell after a prolonged and rather back-and-forth contest. There were a couple of times when I would not have survived if it had not been for the cleric hire I had stationed at the door for emergencies.

Moonlight in the desert is so… pink.

I also spent time in Menectarun (aka: The Desert) doing slayers, explorers, rares, and some of the quests. I also took a moment to screenshot this dusk scene. It is rather pretty.

DDO 10th Anniversary Event, 2016

Of course, before things went all screwy in our schedules, we were able to run the 30th Anniversary Event, which was fun. For whatever reason, after I killed the Devs’ representations in the quest, I felt deep remorse.

This scene, however, made running the event completely worthwhile:

DDO NPC’s playing D&D in game. Now THAT’S meta!

And, of course, I met a special someone and we’ve been together ever since. This was the first time we’d met under terms that were not adversarial.

Malaria and I on our first date. Love at first purple sight!

I can’t even begin to imagine what my attraction to her might have been. 😉


That about covers what I’ve done on Cannith that I can remember of the past seven months that I’ve been away. I will be blogging one post for Argonnessen and one for Thelanis, since each server has seen me become more active of late. I hope you look as forward to those posts as I do posting them.

I do plan to resume weekly (possibly even bi-weekly) updates to this blog, as of now.


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