Silver Bows!

It’s Festivult time in DDO! That means gifts and bonuses galore!

This year, I wished for a piece of gear that I try to have on nearly every character (except evil), and that is the Silver Longbow (ML8)!

Silver Bow
The Silver Longbow, end chest reward for completing The Church and the Cult

Citifus (Elven Ranger) has gotten to level 12 (nearly 13), and had been trying to get one of these lovely longbows since level 10. This amazing mid-level bow is useful in anyone’s hand, but in the hands of my elven archer, Citifus, it is a tool of death.

Citifus, my Elven Ranger

It took five runs of The Church and the Cult to get it, and some of those runs included guild mates that were willing to hand it over, but I finally got it just before Christmas. Here’s where I get to sing the classic Christmas song “Silver Bells” with a replacement “Silver Bows”. It goes a little something like this: “Silver Bows… Silver Bows… It’s Christmas time for Citi… ” or something like that.

And yes, I did actually sing that when I got it. XD

What I used before I got the Silver Longbow was another end chest reward, but for the end of the Delera’s quest chain: The Serpent Branch (ML6), which is a really good low level bow. I enjoyed the use I got out of it, but it wasn’t getting past a lot of the DR of some of the creatures in mid-level quests.

So there you have it, some suggestions for those that do not already have good bows, now you know what and where you can get some for ML6 and ML8 characters! If any of you have other suggestions, please feel free to mention them in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you had a fantastic holiday season!


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