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As with All Things, I Too Shall Thunderforge!

Greetings, everyone!

I’ve been wishing for ages that I could make my own Thunderforge gear. Thinking about how much I would need just to get started, I imagined this extraordinarily large number of lots of materials to make.

Then I headed over to the wiki (ddowiki, for those that do not already know) and was surprised at how little I really needed to make the basic Thunderforged Bastard Sword.

Gleefully, I headed out to Thunderholme, and gathered what bits I could before I hit the forge.

Upon reaching the forge, I was giddy with the thought of making my own Thunderforge item for the first time. I put the stuff in, told it what I wanted, and [insert sound effect of your choice here]: One bastard sword Thunderforge Blank!


This thing looks “TOTALLY WICKED!”, as the kid from Incredibles would say.


That’s it for this post! Thank you all for stopping, and have yourself a fabulous rest of the week! See you next time!


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