Enhanced Enjoyment of the Modern Game through Visual Consumption

Something awesome this way streams! (link to the Twitch stream can be found at the bottom of this post)

So, lately, I’ve been consuming streams of our favorite game Dungeons and Dragons Online, or DDO. I’ve mentioned before the lessons I learned in @Gary782’s stream, and he’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve engrossed myself in Minion Mondays as well as @CMorrigu’s Twitchy Tuesdays on many occasions. I’ve had fun, and they were all rather educational for me, as I’ve learned tips and tricks I never would have gotten otherwise, I’m sure. I’ve learned so much that I can say that my game play has improved from complete gimp to “you’re getting there”.

What I had yet to experience was the absolute joy of being incorporated into a live stream via Twitch, as the others I mentioned above have done -until last night, that is!

A new friend I found on Twitter announced they were going to make a first attempt at DDO, and stream it. I’ll be honest, when I first read the post, that last part (the streaming) had eluded my notice, and I- as I am wont to do- offered my assistance.

I thought only of the promotion of my favorite game, and possibly filling out the ranks of our nightly group. Currently, we run with three players, and adding another (or two) players really would help in what we were able to run.

After discussing some of the particulars over Twitter messages, I had them join @rayceroyal’s Teamspeak server, where I could help more with direct replies in an instant.

It seemed that character creation was quick and painless. Few questions were asked, though I am sure my explanation of things could have been more thorough.

After the initial intro quest, we all managed to get together in the same place (snowy side Korthos), and we began our foray into quests. We had six (SIX!) people, which I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing in years. That in and of itself made the whole venture worthwhile!

We made our way from Heyton’s Crypt all the way to the end of Misery’s Peak, all the while laughing and joking -and being a bit uncouth.

Say what you will about some of our players in the #HeManWomanHaters guild, but we have fun. Lots and lots of fun. This is the first group with which I have felt completely at home. Our two new players, though not yet part of the guild, fit right in, much to my elation.

Honestly, when we decided enough was enough for the night, my heart sank a little. I had so much fun, and wanted to continue with every player: @ninthpawn and @fathirdros had as much fun as we did, which was awesome!

So there you have it. It took four of the most enjoyable hours of DDO I think I’ve ever had: From character creation to the graduation from Korthos Island, where we ran straight to Stormreach Harbor and to our ship (Many of you understand that running without ship buffs is tantamount to slamming your head against a wall for enjoyment, especially the lack of run speed).

If you’ve never been part of a stream for whatever game you enjoy, I suggest you either create one, or find one of which you may be a part. It’s a whole other experience when you do!

I’d like to thank my guild mates for their aid in that endeavor: @rayceroyal, @imaginaryist, @OutofT0uch, I cannot express my gratitude enough for the things you do for me every day, as well as the immense amount of help you were last night with teaching the game.

@fathirdros and @ninthpawn: You two were amazing, and a lot of fun to game with! I hope we have many more sessions in the future that are just like that one- or better!

And of course, I want  to thank you, my readers for your continued patronage, despite my lack of a regular schedule. May your holiday season- whatever holiday you observe- be the happiest and most fulfilling ever.

-PS: If you’d like to watch said stream, you can do so here.


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