New Build: Ranger

Hey, everyone!

I know it has been a while, but work/ RL, and a lack of subject matter have really made it difficult.

I was going to write about my past builds, but I honestly couldn’t really remember much about why I did things as I did, so I had to wait until I found a new build that I wanted to try. Enter the archery focused Ranger, which you can find the stats for the build here.

The last time I played a ranged character was back during the exploit that allowed you to add all the elemental damage on to your bow at the same time, and when they patched that, it made archers very difficult to want to play due to the lack of damage (or at least the lack of me knowing how to play it without the exploit).

This is NOT a general build. I focused on ranged because I have an interest in a ranged only build. This build can dual wield when necessary, but the amount of damage I can do with ranged is so powerful I don’t really see a reason to switch. I mainly use the dual wielding for rapidly breaking crates and barrels and the like.


I chose Elf for the race because elves get a boost to Dexterity and Intelligence which really helps when it comes to playing a ranged character. The Dex helps with both offensive and defensive capabilities, and the Int helps with skill points. The down side to playing an Elf is the hit they take to Constitution, which means fewer Hit Points. I countered this by putting more points into Con, to start with a score of 14.


My first incarnation of this build was a ranger/ rogue hybrid because trapping is a thing that I both enjoy and like getting the added 30% experience for, however I later found out that this seriously gimps such a build because of the lack of capstone. Apparently, the Capstone for Deepwood Stalker is extremely powerful, though when I read it, I didn’t really see how or why. It was @Gary782 that told me about it on his #DDO Stream, which you can watch here. Thus, I changed it to straight Ranger.


I put most of my 32 point build points into Dex, with Int and Con following suit. I saved 2 points for Wis, so that I could start with a 10, and use gear to get me up high enough to have access to the full spell list.


Though I do not have my skills listed on the build page, choosing which ones to take should be a simple thing. You want Concentration in case you need to cast in the middle of battle, Spot so you can see invisible/ hidden foes before they strike, Search so you can find those pesky hidden levers and switches, some UMD for obvious reasons, Swim is helpful, and at least one Rank in Tumble. Heal is critical, too, so that you can get more out of your healing spells and other related abilities. I put some ranks in Hide and Move Silently as well so that I can sneak up on unsuspecting targets and take advantage of some sneak damage.


Feats for this build don’t really change much from other ranged builds. All the basics are here, from Point Blank Shot (PBS), to Improved Critical: Ranged Weapons. This build is currently sitting at level 10, so that’s about as far as I’ve gotten with feats, but suffice to say that the remaining feats should all be standard archer feats including Combat Archery, and all your favorite Favored Enemies that Rangers get access to.


This is where the build gets real tricky. I’ve reset enhancements a few times already because of learning different tricks, as well as just making simple newbie mistakes. What I do know is that the Arcane Archer tree has some very necessary enhancements, such as Paralysis Arrows, Smiting Arrows, and the like. Most of your points, however, are going to go into the Deepwood Stalker tree, up to the Capstone.

You will also want to put a few points into the Harper tree so that you can take advantage of Know the Angles, which apparently stacks the Intelligence damage with your Dex damage. This is a trick I did not know, and learned from Gary782. Thanks, Gary!

My enhancements so far focus on the Arcane Archer tree, for obvious reasons! The amount of damage you can get early on is phenomenal, especially if you take one elemental damage, then take the elemental enhancement that builds your damage up as you gain more Elemental Arrows. I always start with Acid, then take Electric. What you take following that is not as important as taking those two first. I don’t bother with the Force or other such arrows, as their damage is not as powerful as the others.

So there you have it: my build in a nutshell. I’m hoping for some feedback so that I can learn what I’m doing wrong and the reasons why it would be considered not the correct path. Any help, tips, clarification, etc that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read through this build. I know it is long, but hopefully I have made it interesting enough to stick with it to the end! Have a great day, and we’ll see you next time!


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