Limits of Destruction and Receptiveness as Observed in Gianthold Behavior

Came  home from work yesterday rather wound up, so I decided to jump on Teamspeak to see who was on from my guild. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many were on (we have a small guild with approximately six active members), and questing.

When I logged in and greeted them, my usual running mates changed to their alts and helped me run through the area I dread so much, I tend to skip all but the slayers.

On Friday, we started the area and got the first quest out of the way before we headed off to bed. Now, all but two or three quests finished, Chris, Greg, and I ran through most of the quests with considerable ease.

Cabal for One caused a bit of problem with its traps, but our resident rogue handled most of them with very little issue. There was one trap that caused some issue, but once the group worked together to support our much-needed trapper, even that trap was thwarted.

I speak, of course, of Gianthold.

Troll Shaman? I'ma lay some smackdown!
Troll Shaman? I’ma lay some smackdown!

Another very cool incident of the evening was when the teamspeak channel owner (Josh) hopped on and decided to join us with his Cleric! It was only for one quest, but the added player increased the enjoyment (at least for me) of that particular quest.

I only died a few times, which- for me- is not that bad. I know some of you might think “but you play a paladin!” Yeah, well, guess that speaks to the quality of my play, and shows how much I still need to learn!

At the end of the night, I gained not one, but two levels! This excites me, as poor Citivyr came from a lowly level 4 (veteran status).

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my post! I really appreciate it! Try to have fun in whatever you do in your day, and if you happen to play DDO and see me on (most of my characters’ names start with “Citi”), feel free to say hello! Maybe we can run some quests. 🙂

Current main server: Cannith

Alternate servers: Argonnessen, Thelanis

See you in the world!


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