Alas, Poor DDO. I played it, OnceUponATime-io…

First off, sorry for the horrible paraphrasing of Shakespeare in my title. It was the first thing that came to me, though, so I just ran with it.

As I stated last week, things have been hectic for me. Work, family, and other such demands on my time made it difficult to play DDO very often, or for very long.

This week, I have not played DDO at all, yet. I logged in, got my daily and weekly dice rolls in, but as soon as I did that, real life reared its ugly head, and- upon my play time- it intruded.

Don’t get me wrong. I know everyone goes through days like this, and I’m not complaining one bit. It was great to see my second cousin get married, I had fun at her reception (even photobombed a picture of her and her bridesmaids, with permission, of course. Even I wouldn’t ruin someone’s wedding photos just for a moment’s spontaneity).

Work has been crazy because it is the crazy time of year for us, and with the release of Windows 10, not only did I need to get my own machine up and running, but I also needed to get some of my family up and running on it as well (part of being one of the few techies in the family that can be easily reached).

Pretty much most of my free time is earlier in the day on Mondays and Tuesdays, of which my weekend consists. Unlike most people, I work Saturdays and Sundays at almost always about the same time every week. I work late on Saturday, early Sunday, and I don’t usually get home until supper time on Sundays, upon which time I am rather tired and usually need a nap.

So then, my friends, let me impart to you the little bit of adventuring I was able to do!

Tuesday and Thursday, I was able to log on for a few hours later at night, and around 6-10pm, I am logged in to both TeamSpeak and DDO so that I can run with my Guildmates of the HeMan Woman Haters. Chris, Greg, myself, and sometimes Michael started at around 4th level and have since run through quite a bit of material.

Just last thursday, Citivyr reached 12th level on the Cannith server, which is getting me and my guildmates excited, because the goal is to get me up to level high enough that we can run the new content Trials of the Archons.

I have never run this. People had been running it non-stop since it came out, and now the groups are getting harder and harder to fill (just read some of my fellow DDO blogs, you will see what I mean).

Regardless, I am excited to finally see this content. What may be old hat to some players by now, will be fresh and new and exhilarating for me- and hopefully my guildies as well!

Citivyr is also getting very nicely geared, as well. He is sitting on my favorite armor (of the ones I know, if anyone has any better suggestions for a pally, I’m all ears… or eyes, in this case): Bloodplate.

His main weapon is still Carnifex, but he loves unshouldering that Silver Longbow and laying on the hurt from afar when required. Also, whenever I do arm that bow, I sing “Silver Longbows… SilverLongbows… it’s DDO time for Citiiiiiiii….” because: I’m odd like that!

We started running some of the Menectauran quests and slayers as well, but I’m not sure if we’ll continue with that or starting hitting other content in order to get me to 13 as fast as possible so that we can begin Trials. I suppose that’s something I’ll find out tonight!

Sorry for my rambling, hope to see you again soon!

Thanks for stopping by!


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