On Connecting with Others Through the DDO Subculture

Gorgeous Sunset! Or Sunrise. Not sure which.
Gorgeous Sunset! Or Sunrise. Not sure which.

Sorry about the lack of pics in this post, but I forgot to take screen caps again. XD Please forgive me, as I’m still new to this! Also: the game can be too darn addicting sometimes!

Last week I spent some time on the Cannith server. I was invited by someone to join his group on that server, and- not having any better options at the time- I did.

Chris and Greg were lots of fun. We had a lot in common and enjoy a lot of the same things. So, when the whole thing finally did happen, we had a blast. They’re great guys! If you’re on Cannith (or thinking of porting over), look us up! You can find us on Twitter at @Citiplaysddo and @rayceroyal. We’d be happy to have you join us!

We started off with level 4’s. As I had full Veteran Status and most of the Iconic Classes, I had my pick of the range to start, but the invite suggested 4th level, so that’s what I went with.

Low and behold, I decided to play a different class than paladin… okay, that’s a lie: I chose Human Paladin. Now, granted, I’d had Citivyr (the paladin in question) created for a while before I decided to run him (mostly due to scheduling conflicts). When the time came, I was quite excited.

Upon logging in, I had to meet up with the host. Once done with that, we added a third to our group, and headed out to Three Barrel Cove (3BC). In the time I’d waited for the meetup, I’d won a Major Experience Elixir from the Daily (or possibly Weekly) Dice- VIP membership has its advantages!

I quickly imbibed said xp-hungry potion, and joined in the jovial madness that was Three Barrel Cove.

Now, I should point out that this was a new server for me. I’d never played on it before, and thus had no gear other than the starter set to start (and my Guardian’s Dagger). This turned out to be of little consequence in this group, and I found both the quests and company to be a lot of fun!

As we ran through many of the quests with great speed and ease, I found myself anticipating the next. What’s more: my character leveled from four to seven in just a few hours!

Three Barrel Cove has some of the best XP in the game for that level, if not the best overall. If you have a good group, can grab an XP Elixer of some sort, and some time to spare, I recommend this saga.

I’d also like to add that this saga isn’t even over for our group. We still have House D quests to partake of!

I look forward to joining that group again, and teaching the Blood Tide Pirates not to mess with the landlovers’ domain!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my poor mess of a post. My plan is to get a far better outline as to what I want to write about in future posts, so here’s to hoping I succeed at that!

Thanks again, and have fun out there!


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