It’s a farmer’s market


Later today, I am supposed to meet up with a group on a different server and run some quests. We’d decided to start around fourth level, and just use what was given to us when we created the character (starting gear). Though word came down that it would most likely need to be rescheduled, I’d decided I should get some better gear for my toon.

This is Citvyr, the one getting the new slashy toy.

This is called “twinking”, and most people do it because it helps them run the lower level quests very rapidly so they can level up faster. How they do it, is entirely a different matter


The methodology of getting your “toon” “twinked” is fairly straightforward: find out what you want/ need, then investigate how the best way of getting those items is. Be sure that the items you’re aiming for are either bound to account (bta or b2a), so that the latter part of this recipe isn’t in vain. Form a plan by combining all that information into a step by step process.

For instance, I’d recently decided that the character mentioned above would need a better weapon. He’s a paladin, so I looked at greatswords and falchions. He had two excellent choices. After reading up on all the information, I’d decided that the weapon I would go for was the Guardian’s Dagger.

Guardian's Dagger
Guardian’s Dagger. It can talk, too. Know what it says? “THWAK!”


Now that you have your plan, it’s time to put that plan into action. Create as high level a character (or “toon”) as you can (I recommend iconic), and run the quests in your plan in as high as you’re able. Pay attention to the ddowiki as to where the desired item may be found.

In the above example I gave, the Guardian’s Dagger would be found as an end reward for the Shan-To-Kor chain. So now I knew what quests to run, and where to find my item. I could move onto the next step.

Pay attention to the ddowiki as to where said desired item may be found within the quest. Some will be in the end reward, some the end chest, and still others scattered around the quest itself.

If you’re brand new to the game, you won’t be able to do this right away, but don’t worry, it’ll come!


So you’ve built that higher level character, done your research, and decided on what you want and how to get it. You’ve run the quest and finally have that item. Now comes the easiest (or sometimes, hardest) part of the whole shebang… putting that item in your shared character bank so that another character can access it.

This whole process from start to finish is called farming (you’ll notice that all the headers for the sections reference farming). Typically, people will tell you to wait until you True Reincarnate, Iconic Reincarnate, or Epic Reincarnate to do any of this, but trust me; the time you spend getting these items will simply make your first life that much easier!

To finish off my examples above, I’ll tell you what happened with my attempts at farming:

First run, no such luck. I didn’t even get anything cool to take as a consolation prize. Took highest rated item and crunched it. This is typical for a first run, don’t expect too much.

Second run was much better. Got my Guardian’s Dagger, and cheerfully put it into my shared bank. Wanna see what it does?

Guardian's Dagger Properties
Guardian’s Dagger Properties. Notice the empty red augment slot!

Then I investigated my next target… only to find out it was in the same chain (see, this is why you should investigate everything and then make your plan).

So, back into STK I went, hoping beyond hope that I would be lucky enough to get my Ring of Feathers in a single run. Again, no such luck.

Here’s where I decided to stop, for the day at least. DDO has a counter on how frequently you loot a chest, and the loot provided diminishes every time you open the same chest in a week (upon which, that counter resets).

It is considered a best practice to run a quest once, wait a day, then run it again. I’m a bit impatient when it comes to things like this, so I ran the quest three times. I’ll run it three more later, then leave it be for a week while the timer resets. I’ll update this post if/ when I actually get the Ring of Feathers.

Until then, happy questing!


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